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  1. Just saw that a new version was release ( didn't solve the problem immediatly, but nthe I reinstalled and after full sync the problem seems to be solved.
  2. same problem here. Reinstalled EN on Windows 8.1 after PC format. All reminders that I have ever created now appear as Uncompleted. That's a big issue in my opinion.
  3. Possible bug: There are 2 ways to open the reminder's date selection dialog: 1. By clicking on the reminder's date in the listview widget. 2. By opening the note, clicking on the reminder button at the bottom and selecting "Change Date..." The two options lead to the same dialog, but the dialog behaves differently: In option 1, selecting "remove" completely removes the reminder from the note. In option 2, selecting "remove" just clears the reminder's date from the note, leaving it with a "no date" reminder. Personally, I hope that option 2 is the wanted behavior.
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