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  1. Just UGH. I knew about the menu, but I've been using Evernote quite literally since the second week of the public beta. And so it's totally ingrained in my psyche to drag and drop notes. This rewrite (NOT an upgrade) is AWFUL. I've gone back to legacy. For now. And I'm experimenting with OneNote.
  2. I can safely say that I have been an Evernote user since the beginning: My first note creation date is July 8, 2008. The software was released on June 24, 2008. I challenge anyone here to have an older note than this. And I have NEVER since the VERY VERY beginning of the original beta -- which I participated in -- seen such a deplorable and ill-planned release. Come on, guys. As a user of 13 years, I do NOT want to change software, but this is the WORST re-write (I refuse to call it an upgrade) EVER.
  3. Even if I have multiple notes selected, when I drag and drop between notebooks WITHIN Evernote, only one note actually moves. So if I'm trying to move 15 notes, I have to individually select and drag/drop 15 times. IMO, this is a bug.
  4. When I'm in a notebook and use the arrow keys to select a different note (i.e. up or down) the note highlighted in the list view moves, however, the note displayed doesn't refresh until I click on it with my mouse. Is there a way to report actual bugs with the software or is posting here the best thing to do? (BTW: As a software engineer, I find it absolutely astounding that they released this colossally buggy P.O.S. Forget about the "missing" features, was this even TESTED before release??)
  5. I have been having this issue for almost a year now. At least 50% of the time, the clipper loads after the message, but the other 50% of the time, no amount of reloading gets the page to clip. Any updates on a fix for this??
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