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  1. I do understand the bloatware concern, but I think the ability to use core HTML styles/markups such as H1, H2, etc. is an essential feature for any note tool. The ability to mark up a document using H1, etc. is more than just about formatting, it is significant to the meaning of the content of a document. I would argue that the latter is actually even more important than the formatting aspect. When I markup a major heading using H1 I am adding important meaning to that content within my document not merely changing the way it looks. Even if Evernote went the Google Docs route allowing markup but not allowing custom formatting of markup this would be a major improvement. At least then the meaning would be preserved. Ideally Evernote would allow us some means--even if hidden by default so as to no clutter things up--of defining the formatting for our styles. Of course what has been said above about the inefficiency of having to constantly apply the same formatting to our headings is very true. It is very tedious to have to select every heading and subheading and then make the same multi-step formatting changes to keep my notes consistent.
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