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  1. Right click where exactly? I cant find a place where my tags are located to try this. here is a screenshot of a windows display. your tags are on the left. http://jerryfahrni.c..._screenshot.PNG Ahhh Ic!!! Thank you very much. It was somthing stupid after all, I had the left panel deactivated, so I thought 'Note List' was the left panel. Thanks a lot everyone!!!
  2. First, this is a user's board. People volunteer their time here. The exceptions are those who's profile shows them as EN employees. They do answer here, but it's as time permits. There is no guarantee you will receive a reply within a day, much less a few hours. Second, in the left pane, there is a triangle to the left of the word 'tags'. That's how you expand/collapse the list of tag names. Sorry dint mean to come accross rude, I understand people are giving up their free time to help ppl here and i appreicate it grately.
  3. Why is nobody helping me? This must be really simple thing, Im just missing somethine stupid and I cant find it!!
  4. Right click where exactly? I cant find a place where my tags are located to try this.
  5. Ive gone to view and checked 'Show unassigned tags' but I dont get what you mean after that? How do you 'expand tags' in the left panel? Thanks for everyone trying to help btw. Edit: I am using EverNote on Windows, 4.5.3.
  6. Hi, Ive been using Evernote for a while now and have to say its amazing. Just one problem, overtime I have accumulated many tags, many that I dont use anymore and a couple I created accidentally. I was wondering how I could delete these unused ones (cannot be renamed as I have tags with the requires names already). Thank you.
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