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  1. Once again EN came up with a solution to a problem that I was not having. With the latest version, the note preview is on the bottom of the note listing page. For years it was on the right and that is where I like it. Can I change it back to the right? Thanks JS
  2. And it keeps getting worse .... You used to click on the note name to move the note. Some genius decided that doing that now will take you to another notebook. So now you have to click on the little icon (I was supposed to figure that out by myself of course) to move. And the list that used to come up was just like the list in the sidebar - some other genius decided that it should be sorted, so all my 20147 stacks and notes come up first forcing me to scroll, and scroll, and scroll ...., down to my 2021 stacks. Again, more useless changes.
  3. Hey Evernote, you did it to me again. I updated and now my note preview is under the note list. It used to be at the right, where I wanted it. Why would you change it? Why not leave it where I had it? And I can't figure out how to set it back. I'm done - DevonThink here I come.
  4. It seems to me that every time you have a new release, you try and fix something that doesn't need it. Some examples: For years the tag button has been on the top next to the notebook where I could enter the tag, now it's been moved to the bottom with a more complex usage where it seems I have to enter the tag, then apply it. Not an improvement, just a confusing change. Sorting a list of tags - used to be able to do that - no longer. Having a "Print to Evernote" option in the PDF print option list on a Mac. Doesn’t work. Tiny font sizes on note lists and can't change it. Unkept promises like folder watch. You have been talking about that for years. And now that I can no longer "Print to Evernote", that becomes more important. I think that you folks are just making changes that don't really improve the product, you really have to look at each change and ask "does this really add functionality or enhance the user experience or is it just moving the deck chairs on the Titanic". If it aint' broke - don't fix it. If it works, don't break it. A guiding rule for "enhancements" should be "leave the user no worse off than before" I have been a premium evernote user for years and find the constant updates, with little added basic functionality, and quite often confusing changes that don't really do anything really annoying. Seriously looking at other choices. Fortunately, they are out there. " .
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