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  1. I had bought the iPad 2 when it came out. I realized that it lacked Flash but thought I could deal with it becasue the machine was just so damn nice. Turns out not having Flash drove me bonkers and I sold it and waited till the Prime came out to satisfy my tablet needs. The quad-core is amazing - very nice tactile response & very fluid with the limited games available for it. I use mine for half work/half play and since I got mine at $449.00 at Microcenter here in the Twin Cities I'm pretty happy camper. Just trying to figure out all the little ICS quirks.
  2. Trying to track down what I'm doing wrong.... Transformer Prime with ICS installed: I have Evernote for Android installed, and have downloaded & installed the widget. Pressing on the "Widgets" tab under the "APPS" page shows other widgets available but not the Evernote widget. Going into "Settings" and then "Apps" does show that Evernote Widget is installed. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? TIA!
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