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  1. Hey there everyone. Just purchased Evernote Premium...to find that the default option is the $45/year plan, not the $5/month plan. Not really happy about that. You'd think the plan that would end up costing $60 in the same 12-month period as the $45 annual plan would be the default option. Before anyone tries to ask, no, I didn't look that closely because I assumed the monthly plan was the default (cheaper for the user in the short run, but ends up being more expensive in the long run). Monthly recurring plans are the default over annual plans on most sites. When I caught that issue, I went looking everywhere for a phone number to call Evernote at. I came up empty. The only options are e-mail and chat support. Call me paranoid or old-fashioned, but if I have an issue with my debit card, I want it handled over the phone, where I know for sure there's a human on the other end that, if things continue to go wrong with my bank or EN account, can be held accountable. Anyone know how quickly a Premium support ticket is responded to if it's submitted on a Sunday? And can you add information to the request by replying to the submission confirmation e-mail? And last but not least, why doesn't Evernote Support have a phone line to call if there's an issue like this one?
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