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  1. OK, I got it. Not is spam, but elsewhere where not expected. Request to EN: Allow for an email icon in the toolbar. As i recall, you used to have this feature. Using the menu is a pain.
  2. I have always liked the ability to email a note out of EN. After some update ( a while ago), it stopped working. First, it became harder to even find where "email out" was, then when I do it (looks same as before--the Mac email pops up and I add the address then click "send") it seems to be working, i.e., I get no error messages. However, when I check my inbox (where I sent the email), there is nothing there, or anywhere, e.g., nothing in "all mail". Like I said, it used to work. Any ideas?
  3. My synch has not worked Mac to Ipad or web since January 20. It does work IPad to Mac.
  4. Yes, I have had this problem since the change in December, 2010. Exactly the same thing shows up at the beginning of each month: 15 mb filled in, then as I use it, the rest begins to fill up. My Evernote on my Mac automatically synchs when I quit. Burgers, I don't think it's what you suggest. I think it's all related to the fact that I had two accounts. The old one I never use anymore, but its title was the same as my newest account for some reason. I would like to just reinstall Evernote on my Mac. Over the program currently on my Mac. I wouldn't lose any data, right? Thanks for you help. I do have a ticket into Evernote but they have not yet answered after their first response to empty my trash.
  5. Anyone else had this problem since they upgraded free users from 45 mb a month to 60 mb a month? My first 15 mb on the bar is "blued" out and it starts counting from there. Interestingly, the bar shows that I have used 30 mb in this cycle (counting the first 15 mb it started with), and my online account shows 4 mb used!!
  6. My desktop Evernote has not synched since January 20. I use Snow Leopard. It will synch from my IPad to the desktop, but not the other way around. Using 3.0.5.
  7. Ever since the 45 mb accounts were upgraded to a free 60 mbs, my account begins each thirty day period showing 15 mbs used, which essentially means I still only get 45 mbs a month. Anyone else have this problem?
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