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  1. Thanks for your reply. I will not be installing it. Based on this conversation, my wife has uninstalled it from her phone as well.
  2. Heather, I think you missed my point. I understand what the permissions are for, I'm asking you to remove the access to sensitive data. I had already read the referenced thread.
  3. Perhaps not, but they will not have a customer, either. I settled on AndTidWiki as a suitable replacement for my purposes. It's geeky, but something I'm quite familiar with. Further, a refusal to listen to the concerns of those of us who are security conscious makes me wonder how many other concerns they're willing to address. The problem is I'm a programmer, too. I know that what an app does, and what the developers say it does, don't always line up.
  4. I've browsed through the forum, and can understand why you want access to contacts, but access to logs is just not something I'm willing to grant you. I'm sure it's helpful to you, but I would never send the crash data, and don't want ANY application accessing those logs. With that said, please reduce your permissions requirements, or I'll be judging you solely by how well NixNote works (since you also refuse to support Linux directly, or make sure EverNote runs well under wine). I realize I'm new, but I've heard a lot of good stuff about your product, and have a pretty negative first impression.
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