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  1. Here's a screenshot of the hotkey options. The screen capture works - but only when Evernote is running. For some reason the "Alt+N" didn't show up on the create new note hot key -- but it is there in the options and it is one the hotkey combinations that actually works. None of the hot-key combinations work unless Evernote is running. Even then, not all of them are working. When Evernote is running, I can create a new note and I can do a screen capture using hot keys, but the other options are not working. For any of it to work, Evernote must already be running - which is not required if you're using a Clipper add-in. Essentially, part of what is missing is a stub that will process the hot-keys or context menu options and start up Evernote to process them -- which is major functionality not available unless there's a program or add-in running to do it. Evernote needs to install a service that runs automatically at Windows start-up which processes the hot-keys and puts options on the context menu. I do understand that there's an option to automatically start Evernote at Windows start-up, but that's not the same thing. Look how long it took me to identify the issue. Then, there's the fact that the user can exit from Evernote - which kills the clipping functionality, where they're hightly unlikely to stop a service. If you want to have a generalized clipper, there has to be an automatically started service that manages it for it to work consistently and not generate training and support problems.
  2. Neither of the key combinations worked on my Windows 7 x64 machine. The problem is that there's nothing visual that clues the user in to what they need to do like the clipper button or context menu options available within a browser or within Outlook. Perhaps, you could set it up so that when you install EN for Windows, it adds the context menu items. We do have speical requirements: Non-profits that use a lot of volunteers who are difficult to train and keep trained, and the cost of software (Microsoft Office & Outlook for example) which cannot be a requirement for a volunteer who often works on his or her own computer. I do understand what you are saying, but you've chosen to implement a clipper which is easier to use in Outlook than anything available to be used with other email clients. Just the fact that the key combiniations you stated don't work on my machine tells me right off the bat that there's an installation and configuration issue which goes well beyond "Download and install this thing from this link". In the environment we are discussing, less functionality is a better option than functionality requiring a lot of support to make it work on a volunteer's machine and training the volunteer to use it. When there's a button to click or a right-click context menu option, the ability of the computer user to figure out how to do something goes up dramatically. I'm not gigging you because you abandoned the Thunderbird Clipper. I'm simply giving you the courtesy of explaining why we will most likely abandon our efforts to make Evernote work for the specific customers I've been discussing.
  3. I tried the ctrl+Avlt+V technique and it didn't work from Thunderbird or from Firefox. Doing it the same way isn't the only issue. I simply point out that the clipper works extremely well and has some excellent feautures that are not available simply using a clipboard technique --- ctr+alt+v isn't as easy as being trained to use the context menu and look for what you want to do. This works with all kinds of applications in addition to Evernote. We find that training someone to use the context menu is the most universal thing we can teach them for most applications. Having a button to click isn't even as easy because it's less universal and you have to know the image associated with the function.
  4. Without the clipper tool, it also means that you have to clip from a website one way and clip from an email a different way - which increases training issues.
  5. Forwarding an email to Evernote doesn't give the control needed because it isn't real time. You forward the email and then it appears in EN at some time in the future. I don't understand how the Evernote Windows Desktop Client allow me to clip something from Thunderbird. I selected something in a Thunderbird email message & right-clicked, but there are no Evernote related options on the context menu. I do see that I can copy text to the clipboard, bring up EN, click on New Note, paste the text, and go from there, but that's not as simple as having EN come up automatically with the text already in a new note, ready for finalizing. The workflow issue is tailoring something in a Thunderbird email and getting it into Evernote as easily as possible. The more clicks and steps, the more difficult it is to get people - especially volunteers - to comply.
  6. When I started evaluating Evernote a few months ago, we were using a web based helpdesk, which meant the customer communications via email & helpdesk forms could be clipped to Evernote within a web browser. Unfortunately, the help desk we used has raised their prices, putting it beyond the reach of our non-profit clients as an email & organizational tool. We've made a decision to move away from that solution and to a desktop email client. We chose Thunderbird because one of our missions is to use tools that are low-cost or free whcih we can then help our non-profit clients implement in their environment. I realize that Thunderbird was not supported at the time we started working with Evernote, but at that point we had no plans to go to a desktop email client. The problem facing us is that there's no desktop email client which supports IMAP and which supports the Evernote Clipper other than MS Outlook and for this customer base, the cost of Microsoft Office products simply isn't an option when OpenOffice and Thunderbird are avaialable for free. So, we are faced with a dilema: Without Evernote Thunderbird support, how do we make use of Evernote in a manner which allows us to use Thunderbird efficiently? WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO LOOK AT A DIFFERENT EMAIL CLIENT if one exists that will run on the Window & Linux platforms and which supports both IMAP and Evernote. We'd even settle for an email client that supports both IMAP and Evernote only on Windows. Unfortunately, it appears that no email client other than Thunderbird exists which meets our requirements. What that means is that we're more likely to abandon Evernote than to abandon email use. I'm interested to know how others manage creating notes in Evernote from a desktop email client. I may be missing something simple that solves this problem. What we did before is select the text and clip it to a note where we would then adjust the title, tags, and notebook as needed. We could even use Clearly to clean up the formatting before selecting what we wanted to post.
  7. Yea, that's the software designer coming out in you by providing a simpler to program and use feature that fulfills the purpose.
  8. When I first started using Evernote, I thought I had to have a sticky note interface for Evernote. Having used it for a while, I no longer desire a sticky note interface, but there is something else I would like: A Windows gadget that would display the results of a saved search. The titles would display, scrollable in the gadget, with the ability to click them and bring up the note and the ability to click to add a new note which meets the saved search criteria, so it would then appear in the list. I've found that the Evernote note interface works fine as a replacement for a sticky note. What's missing, is the ability to have the list of sticky notes displayed on the screen without displaying the complete Evernote interface.
  9. That's exactly why I never use a google or facebook userids to login to a website instead of creating an indvidual userid on each website. I took a look at my facebook permissions and found a few of them, all over 1 year old and none of them I use. That must've been back in the day when I signed up for facebook and played with it for a week before I decided the whole thing was lame and boring. I also checked the permissions on my Evernote account. I had 6 services to which I gave access to see if they were useful to me. I use none of them, but the permissions were still there. When I was done, I wasn't sharing nothin' with nobody.
  10. What is it?P. S. I went to your website, but it was down.
  11. I was disappointed when I sent my first email from a note, that the event was not recorded in the note history. What I'd really like is for the text of the note, person sent to, and a time and date stamp inserted into the note, or maybe an option on the email send dialog - "log in Note" There's an option to email a copy of the note, but that puts the note in Thunderbird, which means I have to touch it to get it into a note. If I'm working in EN, I want to see the email, or at least a log in EN.
  12. What if shared users could update attachments and that would create a log entry in the premium note history?
  13. Yes, you can text to email and also email to text. The only problem I see is that if you email to text, you have to know the cellphone's carrier.I should have said, I'd like to be able to use a single interface rather than having to use both a text and an email interface.
  14. After I started this thread, I realized that what I'm really looking for is something that unifies SMS and email. Some are texting, some are emailing, and some use both. So, now I realize that what I'm looking for is something that will unify email and text so that I can look at one message list, and then reply or send to both email and text users at the same time, which has the ease of use of email clients or texting, and is available on all the platforms. Using email would be fine - if there's a way to send to both texters and emailers at the same time.
  15. It appears that Ruefus hasn't responded to let us know the outcome. Ruefus, where are you?
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