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  1. Thanks for all replies! It was mentioned above that Evernote is not a backup system, which I totally agree. Personally I use it to offload all my documents electronically. Almost all paper gets destroyed once it's in Evernote, no need to keep it anymore because it's in a safe place. Having installed Evernote on both work and home computers, all notes & document scans are therefore stored on multiple physical location (Evernote server, plus 2 computers = triple protection), the data can't get lost. That for me provides more physical data safety than any traditional filing system. As for data security, your comments above make a lot of sense and perhaps it's not so much about whether data is sitting on a server in an encrypted way but rather important that the connections are secure (SSL) and a strong password is used. I'm now confident that this is providing the best mix of convenient access and security.
  2. Based on the many concerns raised by users, security is a big issue, in fact it is one of the biggest issues when using cloud based systems and it should not be played down, regardless how successful the service is. A reputation of any cloud based service could very easily be destroyed if security related problems emerge. Also, concerns about security would stop many user from using the software to the full extent. Personally I'm using Evernote because I want to go paperless and this involves storing critical information. Having said that, I'm following each Evernote update with lots of interest hoping that the issue around encryption would be addressed (encrypting notes or OCR search indexes). So far there hasn't been much news lately. Providing the best security would probably help Evernote immensely as it could strengthen its user base. This is more about retention and strengthening its position rather than just growth.
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