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  1. I am getting an error message on my Mac app during syncing. 2 errors occurred: Could not sync note "xxxxx" (which I have deleted) The operation couldn't be completed (OSStatus error -9800) These errors still occur even after I deleted the note that could not sync Help!
  2. Thanks Tony for your MailActOn recommendation. I used the 30 day free trial and it worked. But instead of the $29 fee I came up with the following work around and it works!!! - Using Apple's Mail App I selected the option to BCC myself on all outgoing email. - Then using Apple's Mail App rules for incoming mail I have all email coming from myself to forward to my Evernote email and then to delete that email from my inbox. This will work until Apple allows rules on outgoing messages.
  3. I would like to Automatically BCC to Evernote my outgoing emails. I use Apple mail on iMac, Ipad and iPhone. Any ideas.?
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