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  1. Ok, noted. Well I am going to start off with no tags for archive/reference/cabinet whatever folks want to call it and go from there. Thank you two for the dialogue, helped me get my mind right, just the act of talking about it.
  2. Are you sure about this? I just looked on my Android phone and tags were represented in tag view respecting the nesting despite no notes residing under the organizational tags...
  3. Well I am just starting my experience with GTD and EN so we shall see which side of the coin I fall on. If EN works for everything, great. If I have to start compromising then I will be looking closer at May's methods as compromise is great but not when it comes to productivity
  4. @Daniele, you have answered my question in that you do leave your GTD @context tags for GTD and utilize similar but different ones for your reference items. I am trying to have as few tags as possible so was thinking that if I can get away with using the same @home/@work that would be great but was wondering if folks have encountered pitfalls doing that. @May, In cruising the GTD/Evernote online areas I have come across your posts several times, you are very...strong in your opinion of not using EN for everything so I get that for sure. For me, having everything in the cloud and available where ever I am and with what ever device I am using is just too comfy of a security blanket. I appreciate both of you taking the time to reply, GTD is a personal thing so there are no right or wrong ways. The whole concept and setup is a big mindbender sometimes and I was getting stuck in the details. I needed the discussion to help me move past this log jam so thanks again
  5. This question is from the perspective of setting up The Secret Weapon (.org) but is a valid question for all/most of the evernote + GTD implementations I have seen. I am mind-stuck at the point where you start your initial processing of the mass of stuff in Action Pending, after the big dump from OneNote and email. I want to tag my (cabinet/archive/reference) by Area of Responsibility, initially just Home and Office/work. Should I use @Home and @Work or keep those reserved for GTD flow and make new “Home” and “work” tags for archiving (cabinet)? There is the option of home and work notebooks but not using tags feels like taking a step backward.
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