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  1. I agree with the others. What I do is note if there is a waranty item purchased and when I scan it in I tag it that way with the date the waranty is over. For the paper, I put it in a box and let it age. No hurry to trash it. I can keep it until I need the room then take it to the shred. I have two boxes: shoe boxes for store receipts and a record box for statements and such. In general, I try to cut off the paper at the source by requesting paperless. For new products, the first thing I do is download a PDF of the manual an put the manual in my recycle box.
  2. One other thing ... most envelopes that come to me have no postmark. Either the USPS has stopped postmarking or at least they no longer ink the machine The rule in US law is something call "best evidence". IOW, if you have a copy AND the original, only the original can be submitted as evidence. The converse is that if you no longer have the original, a copy will be accepted.
  3. Check out some of these home brew things: https://www.google.c...iw=1600&bih=675 Or if you really get into it there is a whole culture evolving to scan books: https://www.google.c...iw=1600&bih=675 Sorry for the long URL, I just did a quick and dirty search. The ones I have a real problem with are the brochures from Charles Schawb ... which are large fold out things that won't fit into the scanner and are not really logically cuttable.
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