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  1. The workaround (just ignore the request for credentials and click the elephant to start the capture) worked again today. I still don't think this is a cookie issue.
  2. The workaround worked again today. I don't think this is a cookie issue.
  3. OK, I was just forced to log in again and did the same thing as above. Bottom line: I don't know anything about the cause but the workaround is easy ... don't enter your password and just click the elephant again. Here's a visual: http://screencast.com/t/hOhHMk4Wwxq
  4. OK, here's a bizarre clue that I found accidentally today. I found something to clip. Clicked on Clearly. It did its thing. Clicked on the elephant to Clip to Evernote. I got the login credentials page. I cussed. I accidentally clicked on the elephant again WITHOUT supplying credentials. The clip worked! Confused but true story. Clipping on another page works fine too. It's like the prompt for credentials part gets temporarily confused but when you click again the code knows you're really logged in properly so it does its thing and resets whatever it is that causes the prompt. Just sharing. No closer to being able to make it happen on demand though.
  5. 1) Thanks for trying to help 2) If I had a problem with a setting/extension it seems like it would happen each time I restart Chrome, right? Nevertheless, 3rd party cookies are allowed. Here's proof: http://screencast.com/t/Qemom3yQ I can/will clear cookies but am confused why that would help. I have no idea what you mean by reset Chrome.
  6. It works fine after I sign in (i.e. the clip works as expected)
  7. Sorry for not being clearer Browncoat, Here are the steps ... 1) Find something I want to clip with Clearly 2) Click the Clearly icon. Wail patiently while it does its reformatting. 3) When reformatting is done, click the Elephant to do the clip. I get prompted then. http://screencast.com/t/txp7PLA8
  8. This problem still exists for me. Sometimes it happens daily but most times it's more like weekly. I have not changed my cookie settings. This started happening for me about 3 months ago. At present, Clearly is pretty annoying when I have to stop and login all the time. But you know that Hints: - I'm using Windows 7 with Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m - Clearly's "Options" indicates that I'm "permanently" signed in. - Here are my Chrome privacy settings http://screencast.com/t/dsxrIsqb
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