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  1. Thanks for the bumps guys. Really hoping this can happen. I love using Evernote and this would truly top it off.
  2. I noticed this as well, but I bet the desktop app will eventually come around and match the same file type. I remembered this all today when I went to use the desktop App to record audio notes. I realized how much I have appreciated the change on the iOS Version. :0)
  3. Yes, I'm also very grateful to EN Devs for this update. It has completely changed my Evernote experience for the better. 30% to 50% of my notes involve audio being attached to them and most of my audio notes before this change were so bad, many of them were unusable or completely indecipherable. My argument was always, why offer the feature at all if it is going to remain sub-par. I'm SO glad the decision was to increase the quality. *If anyone is still complaining about the file size, they can always use a third party app that records crappy quality audio files and then email them to themselves and import them into evernote. It's a relatively simple process, right? HA! ;0)
  4. I really dig the overhaul that EN received for iOS7, however, I really miss the ability to quickly launch an audio note. With my attention span, by the time I have a new note created and manage to get the audio feature selected, my ideas (which are primarily songs) have often vanished from my mind or been interrupted by life or troubleshooting. I think the "Type a quick note" banner is done super well! I just wish I that I could customize what those quick launch buttons were (IE: choosing to have the audio note as a shortcut instead of something like "Reminder" or "Camera" which I personally rarely use EN for). Would anyone else benefit from this feature?
  5. I can also report that audio recorded on the desktop software is still the low bitrate wav for me as well (Also on a Mac). I sure hope that the desktop quality catches up soon, but to be honest, I'm still rejoicing over the iPhone improvement! Plus, I can't imagine the change not being a global one, so I'm sure it's coming!
  6. Actually I will be at a collaborative meeting of over 30 singer songwriters tonight. I'm excited to share this improvement with them and confidently recommend Evernote as their new best friend.
  7. I didn't know until today that there was an improvement, because I had stopped using it. I saw this post however and tested it out on my iPhone. I could audibly decipher what was recorded! I also A/B tested it with the iPhone's native Voice Memo and they are very comparable! Thank so much evernote! I have eagerly awaited this day! I can streamline my notes process now. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am excited to share this info with many of my songwriting peers who had previous bookmarked this app until this feature was addressed.
  8. Please? (I wasn't sure if I said that yet).
  9. Yes! This is my story! (Crossing my fingers) I guess what most of us are asking is for you to let us decide that for ourselves. Could you give two options and set the default to low quality. Then only those who want it can use their memory limits how they choose? And this is may be a hair on the side of rude - I'll admit - but lets be honest, it is EXTREMELY compressed WAV files. "Relatively compressed" is a little generous. ;0)
  10. Thank you for your response, I really do hope this does get revisited. From a developing perspective, I can't imagine it being too difficult of a change. On one hand, I understand your reason for it not being high priority, but I can't imagine why you would want your customers using other apps for something your product is supposed to do? I only say this because I love Evernote and the only reason I use another memo app is for this reason. Wouldn't you want to change that? My vote is for it to be a higher priority! The iPhone microphone is pretty impressive (their native app records very nice memos) and it is a shame for Evernote to not make use of that quality! I agree with a previous post that at the current quality level this feature is practically unusable. I really hope for Evernote's syncing and simplicity to carry through all of it's features and cut out these unnecessary steps. My request: Higher bitrate (like 64 kbits) with a size-friendly format. (Or give us options!) Please Consider!
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