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  1. Yeah, I have the Pro Version, but the Forced Uninstall option doesn't work. There is no installation path to point it to as said path has been completely deleted, and pointing it to the installation .exe yields only the installation file itself as a search result, with no registry entries. As far as Revo is concerned, the only thing on my PC (including both files and registry entries) that has anything to do with Evernote is the installation file itself. Manual searches of both my HDD and my registry yield lnothing evernote related either. And yet the error persists. I'm assuming that the Evernote installation file references some hidden (as in "is not named in such a way that it would appear to be related in any way to Evernote") registry entry in order to determine if Evernote is already installed or not. That or there is a similarly hidden file. Either way, as far as I or any other program can determine, nothing but the installation file itself exists on my PC that is in any way related to Evernote, and yet the installer is telling me that Evernote is already installed.
  2. I uinstalled Evernote using Revo Uninstaller when there was a power outage in my neighbourhood right in the middle of it. After getting back our power I ran RU again and it found no trace of Evernote. However, I still recieved the "Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per-user installation is supported" error, so I proceeded to manually search for and delete every single file and registry entry for Evernote that I could possibly find. Then I used multiple registry cleaners to see if they would find anything that I missed (CCleaner, Auslogic, Glary Utilities, SlimCleaner, WinUtilities). Unfortunately none of this has worked and I still get the same message when trying to reinstall EN. I thought about just looking for an alternative program, but wouldn't you know it, Evernote is the best program of it's kind that I can find, bar none. So I'd like to get this issue resolved. I'm assuming that there's a hidden registry entry with a not-so-obvious name that's causing the issue, but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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