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  1. some clips are one letter wide in web app

    Thank you very much for your suggestions. I take it from your response that this is not something I should wait for Evernote to fix, and that perhaps it simply cannot be. I use Evernote as a handy and super-fast way to clip and tag stuff as I breeze past it, that I *might* wish to revisit some day. I rarely even have Evernote application open on the Mac where I sync it. Most of the times I want to "look something up" I want to get to it really quickly and use the web app rather than launch yet-another-application on my Mac. And my laptop is Windows 10 with an SSD drive, I do not wish to install an Evernote app and sync to the Windows computer. Print to pdf is an option on the Mac (The print option is called "Send pdf to Evernote") which then launches the app and opens the new note in a window ready for tagging and filing in a notebook. Not optimal because, again, this is now yet another application I am running and have to wait to launch in the middle of an insanely busy day with 3000 other details ... and I really don't need the app open, all I wanted to do was clip a page. I don't think there is any Save PDF to Evernote option on my Windows computer so my only option there is using the clipper extension in Chrome. Anyhow. At least it was only a recipe and not a critical business document of some kind :-) And I just made the recipe today for the first time, it was great! The way I was able to see the recipe in my kitchen when it is unreadable on my laptop in Evernote/Chrome? I PRINTED IT ON PAPER lol thanks again for the reply.
  2. Some of my saved articles display only 1 character wide in Evernote web (Chrome), completely unreadable, whereas they look fine in the Mac application. Compare the screenshots -- that is the same article in the web browser and in the Mac app. I don't see a bug report link so I am posting this here.
  3. ok I just discovered why. At least on my computer that "B" and "A" actually have to be entered in lower case "b" and "a" @jbignert i will PM you the files when i am asked to re-login
  4. sorry to say the Konami code when entered on a Macbook Pro with the Evernote Clipper Options window in the foreground,does not add any developer options to the Options window. No magic "enable logging to file" checkbox appears.
  5. I wrote to Evernote support on April 16, using the web form on their site, about this issue. Never heard back. Makes me feel bad about spending $45/year when I can't even get an autoreply: I notice on older threads about this problem happening on Chrome for Windows, the fix was to make sure your computer is set to the proper time zone. In one case, changing an internet time source helped. So in case this is what's going on with Firefox web clipper exhibiting the same problem ... on Macbooks the default time zone is "set the time automatically using the current location". Mine is correctly set to Eastern savings time. The only choices for time server on a Mac are Apple's own US, Asia or Europe servers. Mine is set to use US. I tried deleting the web clipper I had installed and installing a fresh copy. As per the experience of someone up above in this discussion, this worked for a few minutes, but then I started being asked to log in again. kazar
  6. mac (Archived) keyboard accessibility issues

    I'd like to clarify that I *can* press Shift-Click to multiselect notes, but it has the same behavior as Command-Click (the mac way to multi-select discontiguous objects) rather than the standard behavior we expect from Shift-Click (the mac way to block-select a group of objects)
  7. mac (Archived) keyboard accessibility issues

    I keep discovering more and more objects and functions that one cannot navigate to or manipulate via the keyboard. I don't have time to go through everything and make a comprehensive list. This morning's example: In the Tags page, I wish to delete obsolete tags with no notes. So I sort the tags by note count and click on the last one in the list. What I'd like to do is, using the keyboard, select those tags with note count = 0 and delete them all at once. Can't do it with shift-click. I must command-click on each and every one... Right? Once one or more tags is selected, I cannot delete it by pressing Backspace, Delete or Command-Delete. No other keystroke would be even remotely intuitive on a Mac. I must right-click and choose Delete from the contextual menu. Right?
  8. I get an activity notification that a collaborator has updated 3 notes. Is there any visual indicator I am missing, as to which notes they are? If I first visit other notes and update them, I can no longer go by "the most recent 3", and have a hard time figuring out which were the 3 my teammate has edited. Didn't there used to be a little dot or something meaning "freshly synced"? [uPDATE: woops, the little dot is still there and it means "needs to be synced"] Also, would love to have some column options in List View. For example, last updated by... TIA kazar
  9. mac (Archived) keyboard accessibility issues

    ah, thanks. Still I think most users think of Space as an action that dismisses a dialog, not that opens one. IMO it would be great to add typing any alphanumeric key, and the down arrow as onAction triggers here. OK. Hadn't thought of that. But please note that one can Tab from the note list into the Note pane in snippet view. But not in List or Card view, thus the UI is inconsistent on this point. Thanks for responding!
  10. -- the notebook list drop-down menu in the Note toolbar no longer opens up when we Tab to it. Once highlighted (after Tabbing to it) neither the Enter key nor the down-arrow key will open the list. It seems the only way to open the list of notebooks in this toolbar is to click on it. Even trying to type the desired notebook name while the widget has focus does nothing. This makes filing from my inbox more of a chore and is contra to all accessibility standards. Am I missing a way to open the list with the keyboard? If not, please open the list onFocus? or at least on down arrow? thanks -- used to be able to tab from a highlighted row in list view to the objects in the note's toolbar. Seems that is gone too, the only way I can find to switch from the notelist pane to focus on the note itself is by clicking on the note's toolbar or body. Please restore the behavior that allowed us to Tab from a selected note in the note list to the note itself? NOTE: Tabbing from the note list to the note detail pane does work in Snippet view, but is broken in list and in card view. -- In expanded card view I can't find a way via the keyboard to open a selected note. I've tried Enter (both "return" and "enter" à la Mac's distinction), space bar, command-O, nothing seems to work. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this or must we double-click? If there is no shortcut, could you add one? Signed, techie since 1985 with some serious carpal stuff goin' on thanks
  11. mac (Archived) Evernote 5.0.4 for Mac

    To answer my own question, the problem with Snow Leopard (local database in 5.0.3 was "locked" against tagging and against filing into notebooks, and sync was not working) is FIXED. However, even if you downgraded to 5.0.1 to get around this problem, simply updating to 5.0.4 will result in a locked up local db. What you need to do is trash your ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote folder and download your database fresh from Evernote. I only updated a few minutes ago, but so far I haven't seen a problem with tagging, filing, or syncing. THANKS for the incredibly rapid fix for Snow Leopard users.
  12. mac (Archived) Evernote 5.0.4 for Mac

    Does this release fix the Snow Leopard problems? (tagging, assigning notebooks and syncing were not working). I'm stuck on 5.1 which is a bad place to be stuck, until the SL problems are fixed.
  13. mac (Archived) Kudos re 5.0.2 Mac

    Absolutely not. I make heavy use of the web clipper, and Send to Evernote services. You are clearly coming from a business-oriented "docs" frame of mind. Evernote is essentially a scrapbooking application. I guess because I use Evernote as a convenient way to store all kinds of things for everything from my work as an applications designer to community involvements to my general insatiable addiction to information, cool images, you name it ... rather than as the kind of document management system you seem to have been using it for, I don't know which features are missing. I've seen your dismay that you can't "rearrange" tags in the sidebar (I guess you refer to nesting tags?) but the feature is not missing, the UI has changed. And such is the nature of commercial applications, whether cloud-based or not. The company designing the app must respond both to how the majority of its customers use the application and to changes in the development toolkit and UI standards for each of the various OS's as they themselves move forward into new UX paradigms. If I myself had storage, retrieval and sharing needs such as you describe I would use a document management system on a file server, lots of MS technology there but it gets the job done ... and because it is a business-oriented document management system and not marketed as a "backup for your brain" scrapbook sort of application as is Evernote, the changes in upgrades would likely be gradual and not be as upsetting to your workflow. But ideally if this is mission-critical stuff and your application must look and work the same for a length of time that is under your (or your company's) control, custom applications are the only way to go, IMO. I would wager that the percentage of EN customers using the tool to store financial documents in a highly structured fashion falls well below one percent. As someone else here has noted, sometimes each of us is caught in that small percentage of customers who feel screwed when a commercial title changes its feature set and/or UI. I am sorry that you and your team are struggling with the situation, but maybe it's time to start looking now to export your notes/docs to xml and have a database pro create a solid system for you that won't change until you specify the change. ... or that the tool you chose for your complex needs may not have been the right one to begin with? If I needed a way to store and organize business documents in categorized in a multi-dimensional way, easily retrievable by advanced search capabilities, with the ability to put documents in one or more groups and to nest and organize those groups, and tag the documents, and perhaps rely on further metadata about the documents ... and if I had to do all of that on a very low budget, I would have chosen Zotero. On a medium budget something like Sharepoint (though I don't know if Sharepoint itself has tagging?? maybe one of the titles used by law firms to store/organize documents and apply metadata would be a better choice on this "medium" budget which admittedly could run into the thousands of dollars per year) And again, if changes in a commercial title could sink your ship, you need to cough up the big bucks for custom development. This has been my experience as a consultant to clients, in managing my own business, and as a scholar doing research, over several decades. Commercial applications will move according to *generalized* trends of user wish lists and platform/devkit evolution and are very likely to leave you frustrated if you have chosen to use a commercial app in a situation that will suffer if forced to adapt workflows and usage patterns. good luck to you, my best hope is that as you and your team get more and more used to the new Evernote you have an easier time of it.
  14. mac (Archived) Kudos re 5.0.2 Mac

    I had not 1500, but several hundred tags. Among other changes in my habits as an information collector in general, and as an Evernote user in particular, I realized that the predominance of tags I had applied were completely extraneous because a general search on that word would turn up the note in a list anyhow. I am chipping away at narrowing my tags down to fairly high-level topics, with the topic list limited to those subjects that I might actually want to view a list of notes on. IOW I use tags more as categories and let Evernote find the finer-grained stuff. And I put almost everything in one notebook, yes, that I have actually named "Infotainucation". I used to be quite elaborate with tags, even created tag prefixes such as "p-" to mean people. But why should I have been applying a "p-Abraham Lincoln" tag to notes when his name would be part of the note content and would come up in a search on Abraham Lincoln anyhow?? Instead he is now in my general Presidents tag group. If I clip a photo of him, I'll just type Abraham Lincoln into the note itself so it will turn up in a search on his name. As for notebooks, other than my Infotainucation catch-all, I do have a 15 or 20 others. I'm sorry if Evernote is no longer working for your purposes. I am only saying that those of us who are pre-programmed to create complex taxonomies and to religiously categorize our data might want to try, just try, adapting to a much less structured approach that relies upon powerful search features to find what we want when we want. I can report that I am already saving at least a half hour a day, just by relaxing my grip on the data I put into Evernote. It is almost always finding what I want in the new Related Notes section, it is helping me dril through notebooks and tags right there in the search bar, and I am tearing through tagging and filing the 20 or 30 items per day in my inbox in perhaps 1/3 the time compared to when I was using heavy tags and many more notebooks.
  15. mac (Archived) Kudos re 5.0.2 Mac

    It took a couple of updates to iron some stuff out but speaking as a customer and as a person long involved in creating applications and managing tech projects, I just want to thank the Evernote Mac team. As someone who comes from a more traditional structured-data mindset, once I got used to the new UI (which didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would upon first glance) ... as someone who still maintains deep nested folder hierarchies on my hard drive and almost never uses Spotlight ... as someone who still makes dozens of email folders when I could, after all, simply search for what I need to see, this version of Evernote has finally broken me free of spending so much time organizing things into neat hierarchies. I love the new search bar (among other new niceties). At first I was right-clicking to display the list of notebooks and tags in the sidebar, because I felt uncomfortable not seeing them ... and I'm already over doing that. The application itself has taught me how to use and understand it better, and that is a serious accomplishment. I know some on this forum are not happy with some aspects. I also know as someone who, again, has been involved with tech not only as a user but as a tech professional for decades, that user experience models - the way we interact with our data - move inevitably forward. In general I've not been happy with the move into single-pane Mac applications, nor with the move away from highly structured data. But I would invite those who are unhappy to just keep using the app. It will grow on you. And it has moved to the kind of UI that you will find more and more and more in your apps, so my advice is to be willing to let your thinking and approach as users shift. There was a time, admittedly for many years, when I railed against formatted email and evangelized the importance of plain-text-only email. I can say at this point that I love sending/receiving nicely formatted emails. Now with Evernote 5 (OK, with 5.0.2 now that forward/back has staged its reappearance) I can say that I don't care so much anymore about naming and maintaining dozens of notebooks, I am willing to let Evernote do the heavy lifting for me after adding a few tags when need be. Great job and keep it up. Happy Holidays to all at Evernote. Sincerely, ilyse kazar