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  1. I believed at some point they will surely fix the web client and remove the separation of business and personal folders... Now this impractical design is even implemented in desktop apps. Evernote Business isn't cheap and I really start wondering what I'm paying for...
  2. Improvement? It's been a while since I got a new version and considered it an improvement. The latest release did not fix the background issue for me but in addition takes away the ability to move note windows to a different desktop when Evernote is used in full screen mode and removes the unified notebook list for Evernote Business.
  3. Doesn't support Evernote Business, though. I only see my personal notebooks in the sync list.
  4. You have to first drag the photo onto the Desktop and then drag from the Desktop into Evernote...
  5. Yes. they can add notes manually. They can't use the web clipper or e-mail import, though.
  6. The past few months have left me worried about Evernote... We had a disastrous experience with the Safari 5.1 clipper which took forever to get fixed. I personally even dropped Safari in the process because I really need the clipper functionality. Shared notebooks are still in its infancy and are treated like unwanted step-children. There's no search across regular and shared notebooks, tags can only be created by the owner, web clipping doesn't work, not even drag&drop between a regular and a shared notebook. It took ages to get formatted editing capabilities on the iPad and still today the Evernote editor is lightyears behind OneNote in the desktop version. I haven't a single installation of Evernote that is showing the same number of notes in my notebooks on any computer or the web interface. Can I manually resync a notebook? No, the only way is to delete everything from a computer, download the enture archive of 4000 notes and hope for the best. Honestly, Evernote has a great concept. But there is so much that need to get fixed quickly. I had confidence that you guys were working on these problems, that things just took longer because of unforeseen issues. It's software development, after all. Now I'm not so sure anymore... Week after week you release completely unrelated products like Skitch, Evernote Hello, Evernote Peek, and more... Development effort that I expected to go into the core product. Does Evernote still have a future? Are YOU still committed to Evernote?
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