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  1. Dude, stop using cloud-anything. You have a hard-on for anti-Google but ANY time you place your data in the cloud, place it on a device that connects to the internet, or place data on ANY media (hard drive, USB stick, etc.), SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has the possibility of gaining access to it. As I stated quite clearly a few pages back: Your biggest concern should not be Google mining your data; Look to the nefarious (insert country of the day) hackers or any state-level security organization to be a far bigger danger to a lot more than the thousands of notes in Evernote.
  2. Ugh, the amount of tinfoil consumption in this thread is disheartening. I'm glad that Evernote is moving to a dedicated cloud provider. Doing cloud security (or any kind of internet security) is very difficult. Companies like Google have top-notch security practices. I also gladly pay the yearly fee to Evernote Premium; I like supporting projects and companies that help me be more productive. As for the "oh no, I hate Google": Note that it is far more dangerous if a nefarious entity (private or government sponsored) cracked into Evernote's servers to target individuals than any "data mining" that Google would do for advertising purposes. I trust Google when they say they aren't mining Google Cloud data under contract. And I'm perfectly happy with the way in which Google mines my GMail in exchange for a fast multi-device email experience. I know others don't want any data mining and I understand and respect their desires. For instance, I run ad blocker primarily due to the obnoxious flashing ads (I hate motion near text I'm reading) and the high chance of getting malware via malicious ads. The level of connectedness in today's world makes it virtually impossible to not be traced. The fact that you folks worried about data mining are using an internet-connected device and likely a smartphone means you are being traced, tracked and targeted by multiple entities. If you want to learn more about real security threats on PC, cloud, browser, mobile, phones, malicious adware, etc. start listening to the podcast Security Now (https://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm). After a few months to a year of listening to those podcasts, you'll realize that targeted ads by companies are the least of your concerns.
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