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  1. Ya, just tossing my hat in the ring here. I'm working on a note and I'm near the bottom. The damn pop-up keeps coming up every 5 seconds right over what I'm trying to work on. There is no type of "context information" notification I would ever need/want with this type of frequency.
  2. So Evernote just released a new version of their web interface that looks to be much faster. No more page loads like before. I hope this helps people out!
  3. So since there is so much movement here. I'll just start a kick starter and get a couple quotes for modeling the Evernote API into a native desktop app for DEB distro. Who is with me!? T-Shirts if you pledge $50 or more!
  4. I have got the Evernote Windows Client v5.5.3 running happily on PlayOnLinux (aka WINE). After trying all the other options like NixNote, the Web Client, and EverPad this has worked by far the best for me. I have been running with it a couple weeks. I stepped through the install process here. I also listed any bugs I have found with the install. There are actually surprising few so far, for example the screen shot note feature works great!
  5. I'm really interested in any type of "rule engine" as well. I had begun working in the other direction, manipulating emails with an automated imap inbox which would change email properties (such as add a #tag to the subject line) based on various conditionals. However it is far from complete. If anyone would like a warm body to help test anything I would love to help.
  6. Yep, I don't have major problems with it. However I have some totally jacked formatting that come from the HTML on the pages I clip. I have installed Clearly, but even using that doesn't do much to fix the issue. I have plenty of notes that have a 300px left padding that I can't do anything about with the editor. I have to copy it to Windows Notepad, paste the note, and then copy and repaste it back into evernote. Its a pain. I also run into some really odd issues using bullet-ed lists with evernote windows. Thanks, Ryan http://ryandunn.co
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