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  1. Update - I contacted support, and received this reply: "Thank you for reporting this issue as well. Our developers are aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in an update soon. Please keep an eye out for Evernote updates." Maybe there will be a fix soon.
  2. I will try those options. I am a Premium user (on both work and personal accounts), so that should help. Thanks again!
  3. So simple. And yet so hard to figure out. It worked. Now I know! Always good to learn new things. Thanks a ton! ** UPDATE ** It works when I close and re-open Evernote no problem - even if I use the close button. But if I minimize the window and then restore, it still goes back to the default panel sizes.
  4. Since the most recent Windows client update (, I have found that every time I open Evernote the left panel resizes to its narrow, default size. I widen it out to where I can read everything, but even if I simply minimize the window, it resets the panel width to the narrow default when I go back to the program and I must resize it again. And again. And again. And again. This happens both on my WIndows 7 work computer and on my personal Windows 10 laptop. Is there some solution to this that I have been unable to figure out? It's starting to annoy me a bit. I have been unable to find any discussion of this topic elsewhere in the forum or online, so maybe it's only me. If anyone has a clue to help me resolve it, I would be grateful. Mark
  5. I'd like to second this suggestion. It is a bit frustrating to find inadvertant tags lurking about, especially when you are in a hurry and don't even realize that you accidentally mistagged a note and so created a useless tag. Some sort of check to prevent that from happening would be nice.
  6. In addition to AutoHotKey - which I have tried and found a little more complicated than I wanted, though I'm sure it works well if you take the time to learn it - there is a program for Windows called PhraseExpress, which I use extensively with Evernote. It allows me to create all sorts of text entry shortcuts, including a fully format-able #datetime macro. There is a free version for personal use. It is fully functional, but it has built-in features designed to detect if you are using it in a business environment and which has a tendency to nag a bit if you are. The paid version is pretty pricey in my opinion - $49+ last I checked, for use on a single computer. (I would find the price less objectionable if it was single-user instead of single-computer and so allowed me to install on both my laptop and desktop.) I purchased the paid version for use at work, but I find the free version to be of tremendous value at home. As an example, I use the keystroke sequence ";tdo" which enters a dated title for a current To Do list in Evernote such as: 2013-11-09 Current To Do List Might be worth checking out.
  7. I am working in a school bus operation where I am printing student bus information sheets directly to PDF files from a remote server. I then use the Acrobat notes feature to add such information as the assigned drivers, when the change begins, etc. before both printing those files to hand to drivers and e-mailing them to the school for their records. When that is done I send them into Evernote for filing and record-keeping. I COULD do what you are doing with tags - and may yet do so - but I would have to add tags for about 30 bus drivers to be able to effectively tag and search for these notes according to who they were assigned to. And it would also mean yet one more step in a workflow that I am already seeing as more complicated than it probably should be. I agree that tag searches are far more effective than text searches, though, and make much heavier use of tags in my personal Evernote account than in my work account for just that reason. Might have to rethink what I am doing at work!
  8. I am glad to know someone else uses this feature, and that it is not just me having the problem! If the only solution is for Evernote to make adjustments to the way PDF files are indexed, then I sincerely hope they are able to do so before too long. For me right now it is not a deal-breaking issue, but it does limit what I am able/willing to do with those added notes in Acrobat.
  9. Excuse me if this topic is covered elsewhere; I have not been able to find it. I use PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat extensively both at work and personally. I will often use Acrobat's "Add Text Box" feature to create additional notes on those PDF files before I add them to Evernote. Unfortunately, once I do add the document to Evernote, I am finding that Evernote will not search for and find any text added using that feature of Acrobat. It will find original text in the PDF, but none of the additional notes. I understand that Evernote does not OCR documents that already contain recognizable text, and for that reason I also run (or re-run, depending on the document) the Acrobat OCR feature AFTER adding the notes and BEFORE exporting to Evernote. I thought that doing so would make the added text searchable, and indeed it does do so within Acrobat: a search in Acrobat will successfully find the added notes. But even after doing the Acrobat OCR, Evernote will not search for and find anything in those added notes. Does anyone out there know of a solution that will allow me to add such notes to a PDF file and make them searchable? I know that I could simply add notes to the Evernote note that contains the PDF, but I need to put the notes directly into the PDF for other purposes and would love to be able to find the documents by searching for them. Thanks, Mark
  10. From one Mark to another, I have to echo your request. An easy way to assign a group of tags would make a massive difference to me in terms of ease of use. I am beginning to use Evernote as a document manager to track receipts, bills, statements, and invoices, and many of the notes end up using the same group of tags, with just one or two minor variations. It is incredibly tedious and error-prone to keep all the tags identical as needed - without a doubt the greatest weakness of the application, at least from my perspective. I would be delighted even to find a functional workaround, but as yet have had no luck. It was in searching for such a thing that I came upon this post. So if anyone knows of a good way to do this, I'm all ears. And Evernote folks, if you could come up with some sort of functional mass tagging system, I would greatly appreciate it. Mark
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