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  1. yes, In Firefox on Windows. I have Linux on he same system I should test it there as well. I will have to start disabling plugins and see it goes away.
  2. I have been using the new web beta editor for several weeks now. Love most of the new features thus far. I am getting a green selection box that randomly appears. I am using Firefox ( up to date version ) on Window 10 ( fully updated ). If I do a right click drag it will initiate this selection box but then it is difficult to get rid of. Sometimes it seems to just appear without me right click dragging. Kind of annoying and gets in the way often enough. I have included a gif that show a brief demonstration if the issue.
  3. I had the same problem clauxz. When I hit win+Print Screen it was windows 8 itself that was capturing the entire screen. My only work around was to change the shortcut key in Evernote to something new. Go to Tools/Options, Hot keys and change the setting there. I choose ctrl+alt+printScreen as my new Evernote screen capture option and now it works.
  4. Sigh! I guess I led you guys to an assumption. I do not work in a corporate enviroment. My team is not that big just spread out. I happen to be the most experienced with these matters and thus was tasked with putting together our communication and study tools. After weighing the skills of other members of the team along with what our needs would be I found Evernote to be closest to what we need. Mostly we are a sudy group trying to learn a rather complex amount of data. The the data is spread all over the web sort of speak so we need to gather it and cross reference it. Many of these notes will be long with many parts that need to be references in other notes. Also the highlighting is sorely needed as that nature of the data does not lend itself to changing of the text but hilighting would be acceptable, Comments such as google docs offers would be perfect but I am not asking for the world. If I was not doing this with a team then I would still be doing it on my own for my own personal use so from that point of view corporate has nothing to do with it. I don't see any immediate reason why all of Evernotes' platforms could not use anchors and other aforementioned features. If a platform did not support Anchors such as Android then just disable the anchor part and display the note. Does not seem to be a big deal to me. Not to mention that Evernote writes the programs for all the clients so they do have complete control. Just my two cents worth on my understanding base upon my programming experience. I am however eternally greatful that Evernote added the feature of note links.
  5. I use the same method of breaking down notes. I will have so many notes this way by the time I am done it is going to be a ridiculous amount of work. Not to mention each time I break a note into a subnote I to sync to get the link to paste back the original note. This is an extreame time waster makeing a program with such great potential so much less useful than it could be. Why I am on it, why do I have to go to such extreams to do such basic and simple things? I have to some how train my team to copy text out of Evernote and into an exteranl HTML editor ( web base becuse we work across different Operating Systems and different locations in North America ) Highlight the text and then copy the text from the HTML Editor and back into Evenote again replacing the original text. Really! All of this just to highlight text? Can anyone explain to me why Evernote would not have plugin cababilities, especially for the desktop version. I don't understand why I have to use so many third party tools to do things that ought to be build in or have plugins for. For me as a serious user the interface has Serious limitations. As someone who has done lots of programming in the past I do not understand such limitations. I am not ready to toss evernote just yet but my team is already complaining. We do not need uncommon features here, just ones that you would expect to be there. The Evernote interface has many great features that make it attractive but makes no sense to me that such a lack of basic things could be a deal breaker.
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