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  1. I am having problems with the Evernote menu icon in Mavericks when using two monitors 1. The screen snapshot only works within one monitor 2. In Mavericks the menubar appears in each monitor. After clicking in one monitor the icon, later clicks in the second monitor renders the menu in the other monitor again. The offset seems to be caused because one of my monitors in landscape and the other in portrait mode.
  2. Even if we already have Evernote webclipper, I usually want to capture sections of a webpage just like it is rendered by my browser and make some visual annotations. It would be great if Skitch could capture the website url if an screenshot is taken from my browser. Evernote does not render webclips as they look on the webpage and does not allow "drawing" notes above the captured fragment. I am not sure how feasible this could be in all platforms, but as a Mac developer, I can imagine that this should be rather easy to support in the Mac version
  3. I can also confirm this. Tags and Comments are lost when using the Chrome clipper for saving URLs However saving something else, like a selection, works fine
  4. Just an small idea about tags I am looking at my list of tags on my screen and it seems somehow awkward: 1. There are tags with 0 count, in that case they are just visual clutter. Why is it important to keep non-used tags displayed? 2. Tags filtering: I am not sure how useful could be a search/box filter for the tags, since I believe that there should be only one place to write text for search in the GUI. However it would be really nice if the program displays only tags used for the selected notebook. 3. Tags ordering. Maybe it is only a matter of taste, but I usually find more useful ordering tags by use-frequency, not alphabetically. 4. I am not sure if it is a habit from other tools, but I find myself very often in the situation where I forget that tags must be comma separated. Maybe some users like me would appreciate a settings option where we can specify that we use only single word tags well, there goes some ideas, hope to see any of them considered cheers, Francisco
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