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  1. I have the exact same "sticky keys" problem. Or, had the same problem. Turns out GBoard was the culprit. I've used my BT keyboard with EN (and all other apps) for years, but lately I had been having that frustrating problem. After thinking about it, I realized I had installed GBoard recently. I have since tried uninstalling / testing / reinstalling / testing several times. When GBoard is on my phone, my BT keyboard doesn't work right. Remove GBoard, and BT keyboard works perfectly. Too bad, too, because gboard is a great onboard keyboard for texting & short emails on my galaxy g7.
  2. Mark M had the answer - thank you, and Yay! I've been using EN since 2010, and have accumulated about 10,000 notes and an 8GB enex database file, and I have noticed the lagging getting worse and worse and worse, to the point that I was on the forums this morning looking for a fix before probably abandoning EN - it's simply not a solution if it's not available to type when I have something that needs to be typed.. Anyway, I don't have an SSD drive, but my system has plenty of power, and I've never heard of nor seen an option for optimizing the database, so I figured I would try it. (One tip, the run command has a "space" in between the .exe and the / : "Evernote.exe /DebugMenu") Also, be prepared to wait awhile. The optimization process took about 5 hours to complete. But it's worth every minute - Evernote's running like new again - so much so that I felt compelled to post a note here. Thank you, forum users. You've helped me many times over the years, and today was no exception.
  3. +1 for comment #13. Toggle between List & Snippet view, sort by Title & Updated, and Reverse & Regular Sort Order... If I could do those without having to find my mouse, over the course of hundreds of times each day... That would be a welcome addition!
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