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  1. Just switch off auto updates of extension in Safari and you are done.
  2. I was testing EN 5 for one day and was going back to EN 3.3 because of these major points: 1. missing delete button. I add a lot notes with the Elephant icon (send window or part of the screen to EN). They popup as separate window and I decide if I would like to keep it later. That's not possible with EN 5 at all. 2. missing back button I'm using Evernote internal links and cannot go back from were I was coming. 3. missing functionality to change the toolbar. 4. currently the list of notebook is always open in EN 3.3 (as I'm using it). I can open it in EN 5 as well, but it does not show the number of notes (in the tree view) and it does not feel as comfortable as before. BTW, the installation does not convert my existing favorites in EN 3.3 (below the toolbar) to shortcuts in EN 5.0.
  3. Great, but how to delete if you open a note in a separate window? Or just after you have used the clipping function (elephant icon).
  4. +1 , missing the back button (an the delete button)
  5. When using History in EN for Mac 3.3 all the history timestamps shown are not in the users local timezone. The timezone is not shown, but I can calculate that it will be GMT-7. Please show all timestamps in the correct local timezone and use the local date/time format. Regards, Carsten
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