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  1. Is there a place where I should enter a formal request that sort order options be made available in a future version of Evernote when using the non-public Shared Notebooks? Or has this thread achieved that already? Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hi Browncoat, Nice publicly shared notebook! Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Unfortunately the Edit feature only seems to apply to Publicly shared notebooks, not the ones that are shared only with a specific individual. See screen capture of the semi-private share screen here. I had hoped that in setting up a Public notebook for the purposes of discussing this help topic and sharing my screen captures that maybe the sort setting for this new Public notebook would govern the older semi-private notebook but that is not the case. I'm running Evernote version on a Win XP platform.
  3. Is there a way to make notes within a Shared notebook sort by something other than the Date Created, newest first? On my desktop Evernote software, I can click the "Notes by" drop down list and choose other sort criteria like Title or Updated and it sticks. But when I share this same notebook with another person (via email link), that person gets the Snippet view by Date Created. Period. Life doesn't happen in an orderly fashion so what the other person sees is a complete jumble without any order. They also don't know what Tags I may or may not have added so unless they are already a diehard Evernote user they wouldn't even know to use the Tag search. I'm also not very good about remembering to add tags. Add me to the list of people who wishes Evernote had a subfolder feature. In the mean time, for this shared Notebook, I finally created a Table of Contents page where I used the Copy Notes Link feature to create a linked outline of everything in the Notebook. A lot of extra work for me. But then after doing all that, when I add new notes, the Table of Contents slides down into the data abyss to be found only by persistence or chance because the newly created notes default to the top of the Shared list. I've also looked for ways of altering the creation date for the TOC note to trick it into being a date in the future but couldn't find a way to change the date. So far the only Shared Notebook order solution that I can see is to either plan ahead and make the TOC note first (I didn't know I would be sharing this one until two months into the project), assuming the sort order can be change to oldest first (doubtful, if the other sort functions don't translate to the Shared version), or re-create my TOC note after each time I add another new note in the Notebook. not! Does anyone know how to make a Shared Notebook show up in some other order than Date Created order for the outside viewers?
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