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  1. I have created a bulleted list with multiple levels on my Windows client, and it looks fine on Windows, Web, and Android. But when I edit it on my Android device using the Evernote client, I cannot add to the bulleted list. For example, the list has 5 main (1st level) topics, with the second main topic having 3 sub-topics (2nd level). When on the Android client, I want to add a fourth item to that 2nd level list, but I can't. It adds the text to the third item of the 2nd level. When then viewing the note back on the Windows client, there is no bullet on that fourth item, although the client says that that item is bulleted (the bullet list icon is depressed). I can go to the beginning of that line, hit backspace (which puts that text at the end of the third item), then hit enter, which adds the bullet. But I shouldn't have to do that.
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