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  1. that is great .... thanks guys nice enhancement would be to let you tag in a sidebar (a la picasa). but this definitely works. thanks!
  2. this may be very obvious ..... but is there a way to change the geotag location of a note i don't always want to have the location be where the note was created. for example, I want a restaurant review I just saw to appear in california (where the restaurant is) vs. my living room where I happened to read the article Thanks! Matt
  3. checked out some other apps that help. Tap2Ever gives you this functionality on the iphone while staying in an evernote based workflow. There is a free (sponsored) version. Not a perfect workflow, but pretty good.
  4. Photogene is ok, but requires multiple steps in order to add. Tap2Ever is better as it posts directly into evernote. But again, this is really core functionality when your entire mission is to make note taking simple and easy. Again, look at the other similar business models. It is like having to use a third party app to rip CDs at different bit rates, or using Photogene for before posting to photosharting websites. I hate to be cynical, but I am betting this is all about revenue generation. It takes alot of text and small images to max out your free quota. But only a few massive/unwieldy images. At least Tap2Ever kind of fits into a reasonable workflow.
  5. Can we please get the ability to resize images when adding to evernote from iphone? Massive images are hard to work with, reduce readability, and increase sync time. They also suck up all of your storage quota. I get that Evernote needs to make money, but this is kind a crappy way to force people into paid plans (whether intentional or not).
  6. Stupid me ..... just realized why such a seemingly great software would lack this apparently obvious functionality. Evernote gets paid by storage volume. So, even if we don't like these large photos, they love them because it gets us closer to premium status. On the one hand .... I kind of get it. They need to make money. On the other hand ..... this is kind of sleezy. It would be like Picasa web albums making you upload full resolution images. Or iTunes match making you upload songs in WAV quality. And then in both cases .... sticking you with something so large [ or high quality according to them ] that they are unusable. Nobody would feel good about that .... they would look for alternatives as soon as they hit their cap. That's what I'll do. Switching cost for a pain for poor functionality is too high right now. But switching cost for a subscription when I don't want to store most of the megabytes on their servers will be another story.
  7. I agree ..... evernote should just have the same dialog as the 'mail' app on the iphone when adding a note. Choose your resolution. The images added are *very* unwieldy. They make a note pretty much unreadable. This may not be a huge deal for alot of products, but for one which touts its ease of use for capturing thoughts and media, it is not good. It is a shame that the iphone does not have that android feature. But, one would think that evernote would develop an alternate solution for the #1 handset out there (handset, not os android folks). I won't open in other editors, mail images to myself, etc.. At this point, I'll just take images to my camera roll, open in photostream, and use something on my desktop to create notes.
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