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  1. Photogene is ok, but requires multiple steps in order to add. Tap2Ever is better as it posts directly into evernote. But again, this is really core functionality when your entire mission is to make note taking simple and easy. Again, look at the other similar business models. It is like having to use a third party app to rip CDs at different bit rates, or using Photogene for before posting to photosharting websites. I hate to be cynical, but I am betting this is all about revenue generation. It takes alot of text and small images to max out your free quota. But only a few massive/unwieldy images. At least Tap2Ever kind of fits into a reasonable workflow.
  2. Can we please get the ability to resize images when adding to evernote from iphone? Massive images are hard to work with, reduce readability, and increase sync time. They also suck up all of your storage quota. I get that Evernote needs to make money, but this is kind a crappy way to force people into paid plans (whether intentional or not).
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