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  1. To make a print size adjustment or fit to page, one must use the page setup window then switch to the print window. Please combine these into the print dialog and add a fit to page. Guessing the percentage for the print and going back and forth from window to window is crazy. Please add a fit to page.
  2. About the lack of a clip on the Script. A perfect solution would be this. Adonit or Evernote could make replacement ***** on top caps that contain the clip. Also make one with a lanyard connector. And one with a regular stylus rubber or mesh nub for us artist types. Or even a set of brushes that the software could be amended for use. Offer them as multiple packs. Would be great. The new cap needs a very small rubber o ring so it locks in place. Good idea. I should get a cut from sales. Seriously.
  3. Read this entire post and must say I'm having very little of these issues. I'm thrilled with the Script after two days of extensive testing. The main thing I have found seems to be how each app appears to behave differently. I get pretty good accuracy with Penultimate. I get superior accuracy with Noteshelf. The difference seems to me to have something to do with the palm rejection. Something happens there to cause Penultimate to miss the mark. Noteshelf is almost always dead on down to the single dot. But then Penultimate seems to be the same as I switch back and forth. I don't fully understand it, but it isn't a deal breaker by any means. I know all will improve as we work together. Thanks.
  4. The most awesome feature I can think of at the moment would be to write on any evernote document with a stylus on my ipad. I use Penultimate for hand written notes, but it would be such a productive feature to also write on my evernotes. Marking up and highlighting would be killer.
  5. "Show Skitch" item in the menubar actually switches to the Skitch app. I just figured this out. What I assumed the command did was show a Skitch window . . . even if a window wasn't open . . . thus opening a new Skitch window. I usually close the Skitch window after after using it.
  6. I use the manual sync also. Doesn't seem to help. Another problem is that the Show Skitch item in the menu bar doesn't work very often. Usually it doesn't show Skitch at all. Nothing happens. If this isn't happening with others users, maybe this is all my Macs issue. Skitch log.rtf
  7. On my mac, I can snap a selection and save the image using the save command. I can do this three times, switch to the all notes view and the images aren't there. Syncing doesn't make them appear. Then minutes later after an auto sync or for some random reason, the images will appear in the all notes view. This is getting frustrating.
  8. I like a lot of these suggestions. Especially turn off multigestures only in penultimate. I have a new suggestion. I love the postit note look of images pasted into pages. I would love a feature to add editable postit type notes to the page.
  9. Thank you for listening and updating a few things in Skitch 2. In the Evernote blog you said there are more updates coming. Thank the good Lord. I want to voice a few of the necessary additions I'm sure every user of version 1 will desire: Text Align Font choice Menu bar access. Will not matter to new users. It's like moving my house without asking me. I've always lived here and now someone moved me there. I don't want to live there. Duplicate items - hold option (mac) and drag. Copy and paste works, but would rather just option drag instead of the extra work.
  10. There's good in the new Skitch, but how in the world could you strip so much functionality from it? I get where you are going with it, but man, what a bummer. Add all the goodies back in as options somehow. Desperately need more text options as request numero uno.
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