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  1. Oops just realised it was me - can this thread be deleted please. I'm getting my coat....
  2. Since the beginning of the week RTM has not been syncing with Evernote? I'm guessing it's just me?
  3. The option to view all notebooks has gone!? I can only look at each notebook in turn.Don't like that change.
  4. How does the "related notes" work on this? And can it be user changed/switched off? Apart from that so far I'm OK with the changes.
  5. Any news on this being added to desktop? I keep getting conflicts swapping between desktop and web as it's linked to Remember the Milk.
  6. Could the dates be changeable to "local style" - currently showing as 5/30/13 but here it jolly old blighty we use 30/5/13. ta
  7. I was really excited about this but I'm guessing that there is some sort of audible reminder and not visual? Sadly we don't have speakers on our PC's so this isn't really helpful. Bit sad now.
  8. Probably not a solution to the posts above but may be of use to others reading; I enter the date I want to diary as ##01/01/2013## at the appropriate place in the note and then I have a saved search called "diary" which is - "##01/01/2013##" (including the speech marks) - I then just change to the date I want to search on.
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