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  1. Nice job with the new UI. I like how clean and fast it is. Thank you for bringing reminders and related notes to the Windows version. Some comments: I liked to be able to put my shortcuts on the toolbar. Can that still be done? I sort and resort notes a lot. V4 allowed me to do that in one click via a dropdown. V5 requires an extra step. Can that be fixed? When a note is in edit mode and I click on "Click to add tag..." the edit toolbar disappears and the Created and Updated dates appear, then I have to click on "Click to add tag..." again.Thanks!
  2. I've found the easiest solution for the iPhone is to use the native camera app and email the photos to my Evernote Upload address. When you email a photo the iPhone gives you the option of sending the photo in smaller sizes. From the photo album you can select multiple photos to send in a single email. It's an extra step (you have to sync before the photos show up in Evernote), but it's fast, simple, and I don't have to fuss with the photo once it's in a note.
  3. ACSmartbuilding, I use the free Nitro Reader from Nitro PDF with Evernote Desktop in Windows 7. I can open a pdf file directly from a note, annotate it, and when I close the note and save the changes they appear in Evernote. Good Luck.
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