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  1. Hello, when you start Evernote on your windows mobile phone a window says something like this? error occurred while interacting with evernote service the certificate authority is invalid or incorrect error: 0x00100006 You need just a few steps to fix it: METHOD 1: 1) Go here: https://www.evernote.com/ 2) Click on the closed green lock near the site address ( in google chrome it looks like this: 3) Click on certificate Information (or something similar), then details tab 4) Click on "copy on files" and follow the wizard several times, each time saving it in a different format ( which is the right format, so I have done it in .cer and .p7b) 5) Copy the generated files on your phone and run them all. METHOD 2: 1) Download this archive: http://www.mediafire.com/?gx9o2ogfdx4mo8i 2) Unpack it in your phone memory 3) Run all files in the folder Sorry for my poor english. I've fixed it in this way, hope it works for you too! Enjoy!
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