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  1. You don't have to write reports by hand. In Windows, just print them to a PDF format and set up a save location using Evernote's Import Folder. >Tools >Import Folders Thanks. It was supposed to be a joke.
  2. Wait wait wait, are you telling me that Evernote can index handwritten text in scanned documents, but that it doesn't index text encoded in bog-standard office files? Really? I am managing a community project in which I receive reports from volunteers in a variety of formats - on paper, in the body of emails, and as attached files of various kinds, but mostly MS Word documents. I had hoped to dump everything into an Evernote notebook in order to be able to search across the entire archive of reports. A classic Evernote use case, no? Well, apparently not. I've read comments from Dave on this issue to the effect that the variety of formats makes this complex... parsing... But we've all been used to 'searching inside files' on our desktop PCs for decades, so this just seems weird. Have I missed or misunderstood something? Or should I redesign my workflow to include writing out the content of Word reports by hand and then scanning the handwritten documents into Evernote as searchable PDFs?
  3. Yes, please! I would also really like a Dolphin HD clipper add-on with options to send selection, URL, or entire page to Evernote.
  4. Note links would be great. It's frustrating when desktop functionality is missing from the mobile client. Couldn't the note title and link simply be put on the clipboard ready to paste into an email, calendar item or whatever?
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