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  1. Another day, another bug. Right click on an imported PDF document, select "annotate this PDF", EN crashes. And, not just any basic crash—upon restarting EN, my preferences are forgotten, stock default views (dark sidebar, etc) in place. All notes and notebooks still there. Seriously, what is going on over there? EN is quickly becoming unusable with one bug after another. Will soon be time to switch to OneNote, as I'm sure many other, more sensible people, have. Third issue I've found in under 24 hours. What's sad is that I've recommended this software to countless people.
  2. I don't see why the action outlined above should result in an error page that states "That is probably not what you were searching for".
  3. Version 6.13 (455673 Direct) If I right click on the name of a notebook (side-list view) and select "Publish Notebook" I get the following error:
  4. No, I too generally avoid beta versions, although a previous beta did relieve the dreaded "crash on exit" problem I was having. With this issue I am curious if it is an EN or High Sierra issue. Perhaps related, and perhaps of interest to the EN developers, I did have a related issue since upgrading to High Sierra where after viewing a YouTube video in full screen, subsequently exiting from the video to return to Safari also draws a blank window, albeit in Safari. Although that bug is inconsistent, unlike this one in EN that can be readily replicated. Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I have this same issue. Steps to reproduce: Click "Trash" notebook, which is itself empty. Thus, no notes display. Then click any other notebook that contains notes. No list of notes shows (I'm in the "side list view"), yet a note will display in the far right pane. Afterwards, clicking a different notebook will remedy the problem, and notes will subsequently show in the list. I have not experienced this issue in previous iterations of EN. Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct); macOS High Sierra 10.13 (17A365)
  6. Since upgrading to 6.12.X, upon quitting EN I always get the message: Waiting for Sync Evernote will quit once the current sync is complete. This message appears even if I synced right before quitting, and typically appears for approximately 5 seconds, at most, at then closes. The option to "Warn me if I quit while syncing" is not selected, if at all relevant to this issue. I did not see this message in previous releases of EN. It is irritating, and myself, like many I'm sure, would rather not see the message, and sync if need be—just don't warn us.
  7. When is soon? I note that users complained of this problem in the Beta 3 thread.
  8. Yep, mine also crashing every time I quit. macOS 10.12.6, Version 6.12 (455415 Direct) This is a bit absurd, considering my previous version was 6.12 Beta 2, which never crashed.
  9. Below is how I set my Evernote toolbar. Is it possible to adjust the title bar so that the search box and title bar could be on the same row, thereby making the toolbar one row instead of two?
  10. I have now upgraded to the Beta version (Version 6.12 Beta 2 (455250 Direct)), which seems to have resolved the issue.
  11. Now installed and re-syncing—and the problem persists. I checked the above note and it still displays in the same manner.
  12. Thank you. Will backup, delete/reinstall, and then post a followup here once complete.
  13. Thank you for your help. The problem still persists upon rebooting. If I delete and reinstall will the app automatically download all my notes upon re-syncing? Just want to be sure that I do not lose any data. Thanks again.
  14. Since upgrading to the latest version (Version 6.11.1 (455059 Direct)), I have noticed hundreds of corrupted notes amongst my many clippings. See attached example. Notes are still fine in web version. How do I fix this rather egregious problem? Certainly makes me question my use and reliance of Evernote.
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