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  1. My goal would be to share an Evernote attached audio file (m4a) to another iOS app. This would allow me to listen to the audio files attached to my Evernote notes in a podcast app with additional features - (speed up, resume). I'm able to share other types of attachments (pdfs, etc) using the share button in Evernote, but there is no share button for the built in Evernote audio player. This seems like an odd omission considering the audio recording feature for Evernote for iOS. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Or if not, I guess this is a feature request.
  2. Umm... yeah I did realize that. I'll explain the use case: I have a receipt from 2009. Well I've decided I don't want the date in the note title anymore, but back then I put it in there for some reason. So I remove it from the title and now it's on the top of my note list when sorting by modified date (my preferred sort order). Which is obviously correct, but it's just annoying since it's still a super old note. So this let's me make the change, hit a hot key (keyboard maestro executes the script) and all the meta data for that note stays essentially the same.
  3. This works perfectly! Makes perfect sense about specifying which item of the list. Thanks so much.
  4. Sometimes I rename a file or make a small change to a note (fix a typo etc), but I don't want to change to the modification date since that's my default sort method. My idea is to have a quick script that would set the modification date to be equal to the created date. I could run this for a keystroke after I make a small tweak but want the file to stay in it's place. Not looking for criticism of my workflow, just a little help with the script. The busted script: tell application "Evernote"set x to selectionset (modification date of x) to (creationDate of x)end tell The error: Can’t get creation date of {note id "x-coredata://15696A7B-2038-4C69-B1DB-2ED049C1A7C3/ENNote/p1728" of notebook ".Inbox" of application "Evernote"}. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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