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  1. Thanks. I feel really stupid not to have seen that. Larry
  2. Hi How can I remove the "Related Notes" that comes up on the lower right side of Evernote? Larry
  3. I am running Evernote on a Windows 7 desktop and an Ipad. I want to sort my notes for a notebook by the title using a sequential number. This worked fine until I created a note with the number, 1000. This sorted at the bottom not the top of the list. ?
  4. I would like to be able to type the first letter of an email address and have it pop up, as in gmail. This would make it easier to share notebooks for example. Might it be possible to link Evernote to gmail "contacts"? Larry
  5. Martin So far the problem has not resolved. It is strange in that the Evernote app running on my work computer (Windows 7) has updated properly but the app running on my home computer has not.
  6. No sync errors are reported. I have Evernote running on a work computer and it has synced properly.
  7. I am finding recently that my notes entered in Evernote web are not syncing to the local Evernote on my Windows computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. When you drag and drop an image, allow the cursor to remain where it is. It now jumps to the top of the note. Annoying when you must enter multiple image files.
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