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  1. The CTRL-` and CTRL-SHIFT-` keys do not work for moving through Firefox Tab Groups with the Web Clipper enabled. Whether I have "Use keyboard shortcuts" checked or unchecked does not affect the behavior; the only solution is to disable the addin. This behavior has been consistent for the last couple of versions of Firefox (since at least v38) and the Web Clipper. I currently have Windows 10 and Firefox 42.
  2. When keyboard shortcuts are enabled, the clipper responds to CTRL-` and CTRL-SHIFT-` as expected. When keyboard shortcuts are disabled, the clipper does not respond, but neither does FIrefox. Disabling the web clipper, with or without restarting Firefox, allows the keystrokes through to the browser again. This is with Windows 8.1 and FF 39.0.
  3. CTRL-` and SHIFT-CTRL-` still don't work to cycle through Tab Groups. SHIFT-CTRL-E becomes the only way to access them. This is on Windows 8.1 Pro and FF 39.
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