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  1. Great experience so far working with the EN 6.0 Beta. It's refreshing. The search is fast and there are no freezes any more, that's major improvement. Small issue I noticed with ".PPTX" powerpoint presentation files, they don't show up in EN, it downs like a broken icon, but clicking on it opens the file in powerpoint fine, so the file is still there, just the icon is missing.
  2. Attaching my vote for the same issue I reported here. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67211-en-database-grows-huge-32gb-single-15mb-note-is-3gb-in-database/
  3. Thank you fellow evernoters 1. I will re-download all notes. No, all my notes all online, none is offline. 2. Yes, you bet I will contact Evernote, I have premium account. Hope adding my report on top of the pile will speed up resolution. 3. If nothing helps and not solution - I will just sit still and watch that database folder if it grows. I would rather stick with the latest Beta, than with the Version 3.x (IMHO the version 3.x was the only one really working well with exception of occasional crashes, the version 4 was just buggy old code with new GUI). I'll report here if I make any progress. POST EDIT: I confirmed - the EN 3.x database which I still have installed on one of my other remote machines is about 20 GB. So it's exactly 50% growth. Ticket submitted. Ticket# 729120 - Database growing huge (32GB ++) Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. As a valued customer of Evernote, you will receive support within 1 business day.
  4. My EN database grown by 50% since EN 5. I updated EN on one of my machines, it's Mavericks 10.9.4, with latest EN 5.6 Beta 9. I have 12,000 notes in this database, size is 32GB. Before I used EN 3.x then upgraded to EN 5.1 and the database used to be somewhere around 20GB. I don't know if the issue is linked to EN 5 Beta, but I haven't seen the database growing to 32 GB with the previous versions, so I assume it did grow with the 5.6 Beta. I looked deeper in the directory and it turns out, individual notes in the EN database take each 1 GB or more, even though the note content is a few MBs.. See the pic below.. the note just has one Powerpoint. The powerpoint slides document is 15MB is size, it has 100 pages, there are pictures and some text, but not a lot of text. The filesize in the database is 3 GB !! There are hundreds of files, which I assume represent individual notes and their size by far exceeds the size of the content. I could try to purge the database, but I am hesitant because it will take me 2 days to re-download. I haven't noticed any other issues with datbase or with EN, it runs pretty smoothly. Overall I am pleased with the complete rewrite of the code. (I noticed the text in the bubbles got cut out.. but I think you get the idea) =====================================================
  5. This question below has not been answered. There is no option to sort by title. The problem I am describing below is with shared notebooks on Mac. Not sure if same issue is on Windows. ---------------- Dear, You can simply select the sort option by title in all notebooks in your accounts tab and the shared notebooks will also show up in this manner. Arish Evernote Support Ticket Information: Ticket #: Date Created: 10/29/2011 02:15 PM PDT Original Request: Area: Mac Title:Please sort the list of linked notebooks in Copy/Move-to Details:The Linked notebooks in the Copy-to / Move-to function is not sorted. Am I missing something. It's mixed up. Can this be sorted alphabetically. Please see the picture: http://www.screencast.com/t/smUcn3uae4
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