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  1. Move to SD greyed out on my non rooted (yet) Note 3 - so not possible
  2. Thanks, so far is a great phone, awesome screen, shame about the region lock (have euro model). No, you can't use s-pen directly in Evernote, only s-note, but the s-note does sync very well without having to do anything extra. Re-extra allowance, still waiting to hear back from my support ticket... will let you know Had a Note 2 also - on the Note 3 it is a completely different app, no need to export. The file that is saved is an image (.spd file?), so cannot edit on a desktop, but you can see it and the desktop app can read it fine. When you open the note on the phone using the evernote app, it automatically opens s-note. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help out.
  3. Works pretty well for me. Changes are reflected, though there was an initial hiccup of five copies of the same note being synced but that hasn't happened since. Syncs pretty quickly after changes are made. All fairly smooth and dandy.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Evernote integration is very useful. When I first opened Evernote it said I would get a three month free premium trial and increased monthly upload allowance, however when I signed in, it came up with an error and did not start the trial. How do I go about getting the three month free premium trial and increased monthly upload allowance? Many thanks Bonganza
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