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  1. No it didn't - Version 5 was a UI and UX disaster and even in the latest 5.x version, it hasn't changed. While i respect the fact that Evernote has every right to do what they want with their product, I can't feel that they constantly ignore a lot of the very valid complaints and constantly refuse to resolve some of the very real problems that the product has. To this day, I'm still using Evernote 3 and while it isn't perfect it doesn't have the horrible bad UI and UX problems of version 5. I'm hoping version 6 has some vast improvements but judging by the amount of posts in the forum as well as the absolutely horrible feedback in the appstore, it seems it might just have gotten worse. Evernote is a huge part of my daily life and my work and when Evernote decides to drastically lower the quality of the product just to add a "fancy" interface, then thats a big problem. To be honest I don't really care whether the interface is dark grey, white or anything in between, but I care deeply about removing features, making features more complicated to reach and an interface filled with UI/UX 101 errors such as not highlighting the selected notebook etc. It's about time that some of the Evernote "arrogance" is put aside and some more effort is put into listening to the actual paying customers - We just wan't a good effective product! A nice design is very welcome but not when it ruins the UX.
  2. From a usability standpoint it's bad behaviour having to have the user set some options in the actual program and some at the system level. The system level is to really handle the low level stuff. Since it's a feature inside the app, then it makes sense to keep settings related to it inside the actual app. I can think of a few use cases and nobody has explained more than a few of the obvious use cases(And all end up saying - "But I'm not gonna use it"). Please don't use the word innovative about this version... It is anything but innovative. It's adding some colors and giant icons to please the average joe, but instead of innovating it ends up actually hurting the app with a VERY VERY bad UI/UX design. There is a ton of stuff in the app that is either missing or now requires multiple steps to complete... That is not innovation... That is just crappy UX design. I dont care if they make the program pink and play a sing when i start the app... But i very much care about completely ruining the UX since itøs something I have to live with every day. And even the icons and the design that has been made looks very much out of place... To be honest, I've seen prototypes and "proof of concept" designs look more polished than this. I'm sorry, I love Evernote(In it's current stable version although it could need a bit of focus in certain places), but having the program completely destroyed like this is not something to applaud or call innovative.
  3. No, that is the lazy solution. People shouldn't have to go into system settings blocking the program for stuff like this. It should be a very clear option in the app itself. Better yet, stop wasting development resources on location features that is usefull for 0.001% of the users.
  4. I have done a bit of testing of the new version and here is some of my feedback. When Evernote is running in a fully maximized window on a 27" iMac and you enter the notebook view, the icons are so large that you can only fit 10 icons on the screen horizontally and around 5 rows vertically. That is a complete and utterly ridiculous waste of space on such a large monitor - And it doesn't provide any benefit over the old display mode what so ever! The atlas function seem utterly useless to me. I'm finding it hard to imagine any situation where it has any use for 98% of the users. Can't help but feel that it's more of a gimmick and wasted development ressources. You can't see which notebook is selected in the sidebar - No highlight occurs. Tags aren't reachable as easily as before. Now you have to click more times to reach them. If you put a stack on the shortcut bar you have to right click to collapse/extend it instead of just clicking on an arrow/icon next to it so this adds an extra step. You can't drag notebooks to the shortcut list from the actual tree view of notebooks, you have to go to the giant icon notebook view which wastes another few steps to complete an action. When you enable the notebook tree it looks completely out of place below those rather big icons in the sidebar. It doesn't seem to be connected or related to anything so it just seems to appear out of nowhere - Looks very odd and out of place. One thing i really like about the new version is the edit window of the notes but most everything else seems to be more focussed on looking nice than actually being functional. Most stuff seems to be a step backwards. The notebook icons are HUGE and waste an insane amount of screen space, the atlas function seems to have been a complete waste of resources to develop, the large thumbnail display of notes is another example of something that wastes insane amounts of screen space without providing any benefit, I depend on Evernote every single day for both my work and in my personal life so I really REALLY want to be positive and happy about the new version, but no matter how i look at it, it seems like a giant leap backwards in functionality and productivity - Which have all been sacrificed for the sake of some stupid giant icons just to look "cool" (It fails in that department btw). It's wrong and stupid on so many levels that I can't help but be greatly disappointed in the complete lack of focus on UI/UX, interaction design and a complete lack of focus in the direction of the product. There are an insane number of feature requests in the forums, all of which makes a lot more sense than wasting insane amount of screen space, requirering multiple extra steps to complete even simple tasks that in the current stable version is working just perfectly. This is coming from a person who has worked in the software development business for 15 years and who daily works with UI/UX, interaction design and related areas.
  5. It's hard to conclude anything just from a few screenshots and a short video but I'm definately worried about what I'm seeing... Judging by the looks of the video there doesn't seem to be a way to have the tree structure of notebooks visible in the left column which will be a MAJOR dealbreaker. Having the option to drag your favorite notebooks into the column is fine but when you have a account with 50+ notebooks which get used very regularly and a lot of them have sub-notebooks, then the new option of dragging them to the column is just not good enough - Not even close. So i really really hope that there is an option somewhere to display notebooks more or less like today. Second problem is the center column where the actual notes are displayed - It looks nice with large "thumbnails" but that kind of view is only useable if you have a notebook with 10-30 notes in it. For notebooks with hundreds or thousands of notes in them it would take a VERY long time to scroll that list. So if those two areas don't have an option to be displayed, more or less, like today then the new version will be utterly useless for powerusers. As i said, it's hard to conclude anything before we get to try it out, but from the looks of the video it looks like most of the focus has been on "pretty design" to please the regular joe instead of functional design to please everybody, including the power users. I truely hope I'm mistaken!
  6. Burgers -> No worries, i greatly appreciate the help In my country the 510 isn't available but the 515 is - But that one is only a simplex scanner and then looses much of it's appeal. It's also pushing my budget a bit too much so I'm still left with either the ScanSnap or the Scantini. In a previous post you mentioned that the Scantini's ADF isn't the best - Could elaborate a bit about what problems you have with it?
  7. BurgersNFries - Could you be persuaded to spend a few minutes shedding some light on my questions in regard to the Scantini?
  8. Thanks for all the replies - I really appreciate your help BurgersN -> Judging by your answer and some other posts I've seen, it seems like you own/have owned quite a few scanners - Do you have experience with the S1300 for comparison? Whats your experience on the Canons feeder in relation to skewing? Does it easily skew documents(And what about receipts and business cards) or does it only happen rarely? Does the Canon have the option of scanning each page into a separate file without doing it manually? So i can dump 10-20 documents and automatically get 10-20 PDF files without scanning one document at a time? Just to clarify on my original post - I don't care about portability, weight, looks etc. I also don't care much about the ability to scan to Word or similar. My main use will be to go fully paperless and everything will be scanned to PDF, JPG or TIFF - So i don't care much about any document handling software included besides the actual scanning software. So my main criteria is scan-quality - But since i will be scanning thousands of documents(5 big moving boxes filled with paper and then some) the speed is also a factor although quality is more important - And it doesn't matter that the Canon is twice as fast if it's ADF is vastly inferior to the Fujitsu. I'm not planning to use the scanner to scan photos on a regular basis but a got a bunch of old photos that i would like to scan in a fairly good quality but i also got quite a few magazines that i want to scan - Which is why quality for images/photos is also a factor. And as mentioned, the ADF is also fairly important due to the large amount of scans i need to do on the initial scan of all documents and the number of pages for a magazine. I don't mind a doublefeed once in a while but if it happens 1/3 of the time, then it becomes a pain. My worry about the ScanSnap is also the fact it doesn't support TWAIN so i will be stuck with the included software which means it has to be very good for PDF, JEPG and TIFF scanning and handle all needed situations such as simplex, duplex, empty page skipping, scanning multiple pages to seperate files etc. Sorry for the wall of text, but living in a country where no store has the products on display to investigate the matters myself doesn't help - And reading a handfull of reviews which doesn't compare the products doesn't make it clear which product is the best.
  9. Thanks for the replies so far Unfortunately the review PC World did doesn't really help in comparing the two devices Plus it mentions nothing about scanning images. So I'm still interested if anybody has some experience with these two scanners - I'm sure there must be a lot of people on this forum who has
  10. I strongly disagree with this and I have a hard time seeing the point. There is already thousands of application for editing web content, and there is already hundreds of wikis available etc. There is no reason to have this available in Evernote - It seems like you have misunderstood what Evernote is about. The internet is already available...on the internet - No reason to try to make a fusion of an editor, notes, outlining, webediting, browsing, booksmarks etc. The "do it all" programs ALWAYS ALWAYS fail to do anything decently. You mention outlining - Evernote isn't a good outlining application... Not by any means - It's at best decent at it but there is a lot much better tools for that as well. The strength of Evernote is as an extended memory to keep notes, documents, snippets, and images in a searchable form. Some good improvements on Evernote could be the ability to do actual outlining notes and to get rid of the HTML based note editor and replace it with something more layout robust and with the option to embed media types directly - Like OneNotes ability to draw directly in a note etc.
  11. Hi I've been using Evernote for a few years and I'm in the process of really cleaning up my life, which means I'm looking to go 100% paperless. For that I need a documentscanner but unfortunately most of them are two expensive for my current budget so it seems I have narrowed it down to either the Canon P-150M(I'm a Mac user, hence the M version) or the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 - The price is almost identical in my country so thats not an issue. I've read a few reviews on them but none of them are really thorough so the only thing i can conclude at the moment is that the Canon looks better when looking at the specs - Twice the scanning speed, TWAIN compatible, double ADF capacity, can scan a wider range of paperstocks but besides that I can't really figure out which one is the best so any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm curious about the quality of the scans(Both for documents and images), the ease of use, how good the ADF is, the ability to correct crooked scans etc. Especially if there is something that indicates the S1300 to be the right choice - The specs says otherwise but the specs are only part of the truth I've also just noticed the existence of the Epson GT-1500 in the same price range - Anybody have experience with that?
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