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  1. @rveitch please reach out to us at devsupport [at] evernote [dot] com and provide your API key name. Note that your problem might be in that your API key is disabled. If that's the case, you should have received an email from Evernote on August 9 stating that API key was blocked and providing further steps. If you find that email, you can simply reply to continue the conversation with us.
  2. @gock, what were the changes that you did on top of existing JavaScript SDK?
  3. ENScript supports exporting notebooks, so this is something that can be added (unfortunately, this is not the same for tags — ENScript doesn't support exporting them).
  4. evb, which scanner did you try this with (just for the record)?
  5. The fact that you get the "Class not registered" error means exactly that the WIA 2.0-compatible programming interfaces were not found on your system. The only thing to do is to try finding the newer drivers for your scanner.
  6. As far as I know, the support for WIA 2.0 API interface was added in Windows XP SP1, but my experiments show that there are still a lot of incompatibilites at the programming level and in XP-compatible drivers. To sum it up, the application *may* work on Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and later, provided that you use the WIA 2.0 compatible drivers for your scanner (not WIA 1.0).
  7. Hi guys, I wrote this app in my spare time a while ago and it proved to be very useful since then, so I decided to share it with other Evernoters — hope it will save you much time scanning things into Evernote. This can be considered a beta version as I didn't have the chance to test it on different devices, but people who had a chance to test it say that it works for them just fine. Please note that this is an unofficial application which our Evernote support team won't be able to help you with, so if you have any questions/commenst/suggestions, just leave them here in this topic. Scan To Evernote was designed to have a simplest UI possible to feed things into Evernote in a mostly automated way. You set it up once (basically, provide a path to ENScript.exe) and then scan with a simple click of a button. The app will automatically detect when you turn your scanner on, determine the size of the scanned object or sheet of paper, trim the image accordingly, use the optimal resolution to ensure the scanned image will be recognized correctly. To save even more time, it allows you to scan sheets and thick objects with scanner lid open, so that you don't have to open and close the lid after each scan. Just put something on the scanner table, press Enter, wait for the scanning to be completed, then put the next object, press Enter and so on. Scan To Evernote will automatically place the image into a notebook of your choice (or a default one, if you leave the name blank) and optionally tag it. It keeps the nice visual log of scanned things so that you can tell where you left off and which things were scanned already. Here's how it looks like: Requirements: Windows Vista or Windows 7, WIA-compatible scanner/MFU. Windows XP will not be supported, sorry. Download Scan To Evernote and unpack it to any separate folder, then run it from there.
  8. If you synced those big notes to the server and only then deleted, the deletion will not lower your monthly upload allowance. We do not count the amount of data on the server; we count the amount of data transfer per month. On the contrary, if you create some big notes and delete them before they get synced, this should bring your monthly upload allowance to the previous level.
  9. You can use a 'subject date' attribute -- this is a custom date that you can use for any purposes, and then sort notes by it in note list. To change subject date, select a note and choose 'Change dates...' command from the context menu.
  10. You can google for 'rtf2html' (http://www.google.com/search?q=rtf2html) and find any tool to batch convert all your rtf to html files Evernote would understand. Then either drag-n-drop files onto Evernote or use Note > Import Wizard to import those files. This won't generate tags for you, though. The date of the file will be preserved as a 'subject date' attribute.
  11. I don't have a Mac at hands currently, but you should be able to do the same with any external HTML editor available on Mac. You can create different tables in such editor, save them onto your desktop, and drag-n-drop any file to Evernote to create a new note from this template.
  12. You can currently insert tables into a note by copy-pasting it from somewhere else. We recommend using the freeware www.blocknote.net editor for that. We also have long-term tasks to improve built-in editing capabilites of our clients.
  13. Evernote uses HTML to render notes. In HTML, you can't mimic real tabs: the only way to do this is to use tables. Thus, we decided to make Tab/Shift+Tab behavior consistent with Microsoft Word application where it can be used to indent/unindent blocks, which makes those keybaord combinations especially useful for editing multi-level lists.
  14. If you are talking about the Windows client, then you currently can edit the title explicitly in note list, by pressing F2 on the selected row. Or you can change the title indirectly by changing the first line of the note (this will work until you change the title explicitly as described above).
  15. Not sure if this can help you, but you can try Hummingbird SOCKS client (http://connectivity.hummingbird.com/pro ... index.html) which should transparently route your network traffic through the SOCKS proxy of your choice.
  16. Generally speaking, the support for RTF in copy-paste and drag-n-drop operations could be supported in the future, though it would require using some RTF-to-HTML conversion library -- something that requires investigation.
  17. You can try some external converters ("source beautifiers") that would convert your source code into nicely formatted and colored HTML, which you can then import into Evernote.
  18. Interesting question. Our grammar defines that if the 'notebook:' is ommitted, the search should be performed on all notebooks (this is how saved searches work if you omit the notebook name), but in search bar we always apply the search to the currently filtered notes unless a valid 'notebook:' is provided, and the only way to change this behavior is to select the notebook using mouse. So, there definitely should be some way to explicitly use 'all notebooks' as a target, and 'notebook:*' is a good candidate.
  19. Closing the database in Windows client does not password-protect the database, but removes the sync password from the database. The user can open the database without providing the password, but the sync will not work until the password is provided. So, closing the database will just ensure no one can do any harm to your account, but will not protect local data.
  20. You can't turn the toolbar off right now, but you can disable the button captions by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing the corresponding option. This would make the toolbar thinner.
  21. Please be assured that we look at all feedback we get; if the feedback describes the bug, we certainly file a case. If we don't get back to the customer who reported the bug, well, we simply have no time to reply to everyone with 'thanks, got this'. We get back to the user only if we need some additional information. But we are very thankful to everyone who dares to send feedback to us. Can you try to experiment with disabling automatic synchronization (this is what we suspect to be the cause of the problem)? If the freezing will go away, this will help us to narrow the problem down (and may help you to use Evernote with less problems while we fixing the bug). Do you use other clippers (e.g. for Firefox or IE)? All our clippers produce the same result when clipping HTML. Yes, we are currently stripping down CSS for several reasons (text with CSS is very hard to alter later and to render properly when in web interface). This is not just because of the limitation of the HTML engine we use on Windows. The clipper already has the cross-hair cursor when you move it outside the selection box, so you can either "draw" the box or use handles to fine-tune it. Double-click inside the selected area, and your clip will go into Evernote. Our clipper has this also. Right-click when in screen capture mode, and you will discover many handly options and shortcuts. Well, we will try to see what can be the reason of malfunctioning. Current "caps caps" implementation is supposed to be transparent and it doesn't "eat" your single Caps Lock keypresses. If you press Caps Lock twice quickly (a 500ms threshold is used now), then it will only fire. Maybe the option to tweak the threshold will help.
  22. About bugs: We know about the issue with high CPU usage after resuming from standby/hibernate. We are trying our best to nail this down. If this was easily reproducible on our side, we would just fix the problem. The problem is not reproducible in our labs, unfortunately, which makes fixing this a hard task. You say 'fix bugs and then implement features'. If we would do this literally, then we would just hold any activity and would not improve the application just because we have this nasty bug. This could last for weeks -- nobody knows -- and holding off new features would not help track this problem down. Now, about features: If you do not like the "caps caps" shortcut, you can change it easily (this is what you did already). For me, this is the easiest shortcut possible which doesn't interfere with my normal usage of Caps Lock feature: this is a big key which is easy to press even with the single little finger, which is close to 'A' key (when you press Ctrl+A to select all content in a window and then "caps caps" to clip the selection). For some users this doesn't work for a number of reasons -- that's fine, they have an option to change the shortcut. We do not exit Evernote by default just because we want the clipping to be as fast and smooth as possible. If you explicitly want to exit Evernote each time and don't want the clipper to be running, then yes, you should explicitly do Application > Exit (either from the main application menu or from the tray menu). You can do this also by using the Ctrl+F4 shortcut, which is fast and convenient. You say that the clipper is too basic and buggy. I would love to hear about bugs you noticed and missing features in it (to make it more powerful and less buggy). For now it does what advertized -- clips selection from any capable application in a single click of a button (i.e. does all the stuff all other dedicated clippers that come with Evernote do, and even more: screen clipping/drawing, etc.). I understand that you are frustrated with that Evernote bug with freezing, but let's be less emotional and more constructive. We all want to fix bugs as and make application more usable.
  23. Tags are greyed out dynamically, when they have no intersections with current selection. I.e. when you select one notebook, you see tags that has no notes in them as greyed out. If you select another notebook, a different set of tags will give zero intersections. If you additionally select some tag, only those tags that can be intersected are showin in black, and others are grey. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to visually explore your tags. If you select 'All notebooks' and see some tags greyed out, those are really unused ones. And, again, you can easily find those in the list, delete them if necessary, etc.
  24. What client are you talking about here? E.g. in Windows client, such "empty" tags are displayed in gray color, while non-empty ones are black. So you can easily capture what tags are related to the notebook, and which are not.
  25. This is because Evernote has a 'New Note' placeholder at the bottom of the tape. OK, we'll think what can be done here.
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