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  1. Thanks everyone. Yes I am a premium subscriber and have been for literally years. I had overlooked the history feature though, because I have never had any need to use it. Now I did and it worked perfectly. I have the note back and up to date again. The crashing seems only to occur with large notes like these comic strips. The dialog box is headed Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library and the text says: Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. I will put this in a support ticket. I am only posting it here in case anyone else has seen this. Cheers Owen
  2. Hi, I downloaded yesterday afternoon. This morning it has been crashing with a runtime error repeatedly. Somewhere during this a note which I have been updating daily for 47 weeks had all its content stripped out. I have checked on iOS and the web and the content appears to have disappeared from the server since it is missing on every device. More details: I am copying and pasting a historical daily comic strip into a note, for academic research purposes. Every Monday, I note the week number and the original date of that week's publication. The strip is now in its 47th week. This morning, when I opened it, only the weekly text headings were there. All of the strips had disappeared. The obvious question: is there any way of getting the contents of the note back other than by copying and pasting 276 comic strips into a new note? The next obvious question: is this likely to happen again? I always save a local copy of my Evernote database every Friday. Should I now do this daily? A third less obvious question. If I use my database from last Friday and then sync it to the server will this cause complications? Will it redelete the missing Mandrake comic strip? Cheers Owen
  3. I seem to have finally solved this problem, at least the version I have been suffering, so I thought I should post here to tell people. A week ago I decided for entirely unrelated reasons to reformat the disk where Evernote saves its data. (I have it set to save to the root level of a D drive.) Before I did this I attempted to copy the Evernote folder to avoid having to download it all again. I made several attempts and at each attempt it stopped copying at 59%. Eventually I gave up, reformatted the dsik, and left Evernote to download all my data again. From that point on Evernote has worked perfectly. I have not had one occurence of "not responding" in the last seven or eight days, and I have been using EN at least three or four times a day. I can only conclude, therefore, that something in the Evernote data folder had become corrupted, preventing the database from being copied and playing havoc with the application whenever it tried to access the database. I have no idea if forcing EN to redownload its database will solve every occurence of the "not responding" issue, but it certainly appears to have solved mine. Cheers Owen
  4. Type ahead is definitely freezing for me. I am also still getting other freezes that occur, for example, when I try to drag a note from one notebook to another. I have previously thought that this is the "Not responding" bug, and opened a ticket about this. Perhaps it is something else? Whatever it is, it is making it genuinely so difficult to use the Windows app on my Windows 8.1 laptop that I have switched to using the website in Chrome for most of my daily use. I do not like this Owen
  5. Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug or my misunderstanding of how things are supposed to work. 1. While searching through the forums I came across the Template Contest notebook. I subscribed to it (or whatever the correct term is). 2. On the web client the notebook now appears in a Joined Notebooks section. Choosing it opens it in a new tab. 3. On the Windows client a new folder called Template Contest now appears in the list of notebooks, but clicking on it tells me that "No notes were found". Should I have access to joined notebooks in the Windows client?
  6. Hi, I don't want to hijack this thread so just tell me if the issue I am going to raise should be raised somewhere else! I have been using the beta versions for some time, and I remember in some earlier versions there was discussion about Evernote going into a "not responding" mode, either temporarily or permanently. This has started happening to me again in the recent versions, and happening much more seriously. On the latest beta that I have, which is, EN is sometimes "not responding" for several minutes after I have typed a few characters - or even when I attempt to switch from one notebook to another. I have now started using the web page instead (and discovered in the process how much better that has got since I last looked at it!) I have opened a support ticket for this (#320665) and been told that "we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible" I am using Windows 8.1. My question: is anyone else here experiencing this or is it just me? I ask this because if other people are (still) experiencing this to any extent then I will assume that the fault lies somewhere in the EN code. However if I am the only person who is having this problem then that raises the possibility that the issue springs from some specific configuration on my laptop, which might mean that I should do some investigating of my own at my end. Any replies welcome Owen
  7. Okay, done it! I am still interested in whether anyone else has been having this problem, though, because I remember it being mentioned a while back in the beta group. Cheers Owen
  8. I am using Windows 8.1 on an Asus Zenbook. For the past few versions of Evernote I have had times when the application has got stuck, with the title bar saying Evernote (Not Responding). In the past this has usually fixed itself after thirty seconds or so. The latest upgrade, which arrived this week, has made the program completely impossible to use for me. It is now "not responding" almost every time I try to do something, and it is not always recovering. I have just reinstalled the application and tried to open it, and it has got stuck not responding at the point where it says in the bottom right corner "Synchronizing Promotions: 100% done". It has been stuck for five minutes. I have now told Windows to close it. I have closed it in the system tray. I have now reopened it. It has opened immediately straight to the notebook I was in last time it worked. I have clicked on a note in the notebook to open it. It has gone into Not Responding again. Is anyone else having this problem? I use Evernote every day, many times a day, on both my laptop and my iPad. I am a premium customer and have been for several years. Evernote is important to me! Does anyone have any suggestions, tips - and is this a recognised bug? Any help appreciated, Owen
  9. I agree completely with craigmcclellan. We need those two options as soon as possible. The problem with syncing PU notebooks into Evernote as read-only notes was discussed in the beta testing and nobody except the developers supported the option that was chosen. As far as I remember everyone else who commented wanted PU notebooks to sync to EN as notebooks. I also think that it is very important to be able to have local (ipad only) notebooks because as NightStalker has pointed out the idea that every little scribble HAS to end up in our Evernote accounts is just plain silly, not to say a deliberately contrived inconvenience. Cheers Owen
  10. Ah, I only just noticed this thread. I posted a final post in the beta threads ealier so I will report the main items here so they are public. I think it is a great improvement over version 3. I have had no crashing issues on my iPad 2 running iOS 6.1, although I can see others have. I think that the Pen dialog box should stay open so that I can change the ink color and pen width in one go. Whenever I am doing something that requires me to switch back and forth between two different pens the current system is a complete pain. I also think that there needs to be an ability to make a notebook local or synced, just as there is in Evernote, for exactly the reasons that NightStalker and GrumpMonkey have said. Syncing does indeed work well now. The problem might be that it works TOO well. I tried moving a notebook in EN desktop to uncouple it from the syncing but Penultimate still found it, so I apparently can't even stop an old notebook from syncing by moving it to a NoSync folder, which would at least be a workaround. Having said all that I regard this version as a huge step in the right direction and I am ready to see where it goes next! Cheers Owen
  11. A definite +1 from me for JMichael's suggestion.The button should open a new note in the current notebook and the keyboard shortcut should opena new note in the default notebook. An acceptable alternative for me would be to add an option to the dropdown attached to the New Note button that offered "New Note in default Notebook". An even better option would be to have two options in the dropdown: "New Note in current Notebook". and "New Note in default Notebook", and allow the user to set one of them as default behaviour. Cheers Owen
  12. I mentioned this elsewhere but I will mention it again - in different words It is simply not true that tags can do everything that stacks can do. More exactly it is not true for every use case, and it is not true for mine. I personally use both stacks and tags, and I use them for different purposes, but that is because I use EN for storing research material including how-to-do information, links, web articles grabbed with Readly, internet statistics found online, snippets from emails and newsletters. Some of this is grabbed because it might be useful in the future, and some of it is stored because I know it will be useful in the future. In case 2 I attach sets of tags. In case 1 I put notes in notebooks in stacks. Why? Because sometimes the best way to use these unassigned notes is to browse through them, reading a notebook the way I might read Feedly or Flipboard. To this end almost all my notes are entered as "2011-10-22 Windows: drive letters - a fix' or similar Now of course it is possible to tag everything first and search for it, and if I tagged everything in thie How-To notebook with the tag "how-to" then I could assemble a virtual notebook. Sure. But I personally like to have two systems on the go. I read through notebooks and sometimes move content from one to another - AND I tag notes so that I can do topic-based searches across notebooks. Now I would not do this at all if I was using EN as the basis of my GTD system. In that case I would probably only use tags. But I am not. I am using Pocket Informant & Toodledo to do that for me. Finally: while I am completely in favour of feature-parity across all platforms some things are more urgent than others. As people have pointed out above if you do start using stacks on a Mac or Windows computer then you will suffer a big productivity slump when you try to use your notebooks on an iPad. The system you have built up becomes floppy and unresponsive. This is not about "improving" EN on the iPad, its about making it a comparable product. Cheers Owen
  13. Hi, I also now have Tapatalk installed on my iPad, and I can see this forum as a guest. When I try to log in though I get "You have either entered an invalid username/password or your administrator has restricted access via Tapatalk HD. The second time I try it tells me that "Your account will automatically be unlocked in %s minutes", which isn't very nice It would be very nice to be able to sign in and post from the iPad. Can you sort it soon-ish please. Owen
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