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  1. I'm on Chrome 27.0.1453.94 m, but it's still happening to me. Windows XP, clipper build 468c721.
  2. I use Evernote as my to-do and "stuff" manager. I don't think my system for managing to-dos has as many parts as Extropy's, but it seems to work. Evernote isn't a calendar or appointment book, and I don't think I want it to be. It's a tool for storing and organizing information -- and we can use it to manage our to-do lists how we want, rather than being locked into a particular method. The only feature that comes to mind that would help me with to-do management would be the ability to do my date tagging with a calendar-picker interface. I could tag an item for next Thursday without having to look at another calendar to see that date.
  3. I use date tags all the time, and I do my tagging on the Windows and Mac clients. I format my date tags the other way (#2012-10-20 for your example) and I hide them in the sidebar by nesting them under a top-level "Dates" tag. When I expand the top-level tag, there are all my dates sorted in order. Each day I expand the Dates tag, select the current day's tag to bring up all the notes with that tag, select all, add my "!today" tag, and then delete the date tag from the sidebar. Then I have "Today at Context" for each of my few contexts so I can go right to my appropriate lists.
  4. I only had four or five public notebooks in my shared notebook list, and I wasn't really using them much anyway. I started Evernote on my Mac last night and it synced right away.
  5. After SimonF's post about shared notebooks, I have deleted all the shared notebooks I was signed up for. If it's a shared notebook issue, the same GUID would make sense. I do most of my work in Evernote on the PC, so I haven't had the chance to check my Mac and see if the problem has cleared up. I plan to check it tonight.
  6. I'm having a problem very much like Dean, down to the problem with "Evernote Note Deletion Confirmation." I don't have a note with that title anywhere -- or at least not anywhere that comes up in a search on the Windows client or Web client. I presume our GUIDs are different.
  7. I'm okay with "we essentially start over on each platform", but it would be nice if teams would inform each other about their independent solutions to problems to avoid cross-client interface inconsistency. "Independent" need not mean "incommunicado". I have some vague impression that the company wants to provide more interface consistency, and I encourage that. Multi-client users would like to be able to transfer habits back and forth between/among clients. I also understand there are plenty of suggestions that need evaluation before development happens. My personal nitpicks about Windows/Mac client inconsistency are: The location of the dropdown list of notebooks in the note panel and window. They are literally on opposite edges of the panel in the two clients. The method for removing tags from notes in that same panel. On Windows, the tag gets a little "x" on mouseover that can be clicked to delete the tag. On Mac, you have to double-click the tag, which reduces it to text which can be deleted. Since tagging note and moving them from one notebook to another are common tasks for me, these little things grow to be aggravating. I'm sure these are no big deal to plenty of other people.
  8. I handle dates with tags in Evernote. My date tags are in the form #YYYY-MM-DD, so they will sort usefully. Today's tasks were tagged #2012-08-16, and when I came into the office this morning I clicked on the tag (in my Windows client), selected all the notes, and assigned them the !today tag. I then deleted the #2012-08-16 tag. I have a set of saved searches that present today's tasks in my various contexts: "Today at Work", "Today at Home", etc. Rather than having a "done" tag, I have a "Completed" notebook -- when something is done, I move it from my "Active" notebook to my "Completed" notebook. This leaves the "Created" date as something that can be useful: "This has been on my list since June," if I care to know that. Anything that's overdue is still tagged !today -- if I wanted a separate !overdue tag, I could apply it before I handle my daily date-tag process above.
  9. Email addresses aren't case-sensitive. I suppose something somewhere is making the address all-lowercase, but you can use mixed-case with no problem.
  10. I use date tags for this kind of situation. Be warned that I don't adhere to strict orthodox GTD, but here are some examples. I have a collection of monthly tasks to do at work, so those all have a #monthly tag as well as a tag for the actual date they should be done, like #2012-09-01. Likewise I have weekly tasks and biweekly tasks, which are tagged with #weekly or #biweekly and also the day of the week they are to be done, like #monday -- then also the actual date, #2012-08-13 or whatever. The key to this, I suppose, is that my real active "next action" list consists of items tagged !today. At the beginning of each day, I click the tag for the current date, select all, add the !today tag, and then delete today's date tag from the sidebar. This lets the date tags act like a tickler file -- my reminder about my wife's birthday is date-tagged 30 days in advance. A collection of saved searches (Today at Work, Today at Home, Today Online, etc.) provides me with lists of the things I should be working on. Anything not meeting those criteria is hidden unless I want to go looking for it. I admit that this method is inspired by The Secret Weapon -- I have nested tags for contexts (@Work, @Home, @Waiting For, @[name] for agendas), dates (prefixed with # as above), projects (prefixed with .), actions (!urgent, !important, !project for "needs planning", etc.), and other topics (food, wine, Evernote, recipe, address, etc.). I have separate notebooks for Inbox, Active, Completed, Reference, and Someday.
  11. I know this is an old topic, but +1 more here. What's the use of a "default notebook" setting if the client ignores it regularly? If all new notes go to the default notebook, there is one place to look for that new note you can't find. With the current behavior, that new note could be in any notebook, depending on where you last looked in Evernote, no matter how long ago that was.
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