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  1. I have collected recipes from magazine for years and I love the way I can organize them all in Evernote. I usually search for the recipe online and clip it. To cut out all the extraneous links and pictures I usually clip from a print preview version. If I am unable to find a recipe, online I either scan with my HTC phone (particularly handy on the fly...say in the Dr.'s office!) or with my HP scanner. I save to a notebook by main recipe type: desert, main dish, salad, etc. and the notebooks are in my "Cookbook" stack. I tag by favorite ingredients, "must try" recipes, etc. I also have tags relating to what where I might like to share them: Church social, husband's birthday, etc. When I make the recipe I will take a picture of the finished product (especially if the recipe has no accompanying photo), make notes of any substitutions I might make, when I made it and where i took it if it was for pot luck and such. A recipe gets a "Tried and true" tag if I like it. I use Evenote to keep an ongoing shopping list but if I decide to make something on the spur of the moment, it is great to have all my recipes along when I am shopping. Many time friends will ask me for the recipe of things I take to share with others. I love to share by sending a quick link to my notes for them to view. I have also created a shared notebook of recipes to share with my extended family. I have gotten some great recipes that way. Since I sew, quilt, knit and crochet, I also keep directions for my projects in much the same way.
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