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  1. So started using Evernote business a few months ago in my company. Things are working great. Now I want to hire a company to go back through our paper company files and start scanning them. I wonder if anyone might have some experience with this and be willing to share some advise? I wonder if I can have a company just scan them into PDF's and that would work for making the documents searchable if I import them into Evernote. Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. I am sorry that worked well. You can't double click on the note but you can right click and tell it to open with the annotator.
  3. Folks, I really need help. I need a tool that will let us take a note (from Evernote) put annotations on it (pricing on a service ticket) and then save it back to Evernote without creating a duplicate note. I thought PDFpen might accomplish this but I don't see how I don't end up with a duplicate note. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Folks, I need help and I want to thank you all in advance for any input. I have read somewhere that there is a way to highlight text on a page, scan the page and have the highlighted area become part of the new notes name. Can anyone explain how?
  5. What I am confused about Jbenson2, is why can't it be both? I frankly wish that Evernote would focus on just four things. Storing information I want to remember, helping me easily capture information for storing, make it easy for me to search for the information when needed and making it easy for me to share that information with others. Frankly I don't see why doing that excludes them from either market. Right now they store information, capture information for storing and searching for that information when needed but they suck at the sharing part of the equation.
  6. @jefito, What I am confused about are the comment by jbenson2. There was a quick rebuttal from Evernote's top management. * statement from Evernote's CEO - Phil Libin http://discussion.ev...1869#entry71869 * a follow up statement from Evernote's CTO - Dave Engberg http://discussion.ev...dpost__p__71909 I hope Evernote does not turn my prediction into a reality.
  7. I have this same problem. I also cant seem to see a shared folder on the web version. Help please. I also tried a number of the suggested items and none of them helped. When will we be able to get the update that fixes this?
  8. I am so confused. A 100 year company can't be profitible or sell to the enterprise? I hope my request to be involved in the solution will be accepted. We are already using evernote as our paperless memory, I would love to have more tools.
  9. Folks, I am not sure a better place to put this. I have a company of 50+ employees and would love to use Evernote as a Paperless solution. To make this work well I would need administration capabilities and recently noticed a number of articles indicating that Evernote is working on this. I would love to be involved with my company to beta test this. Please let me know if there is an interest.
  10. It seems the Gmail gadget only works on PC's not on Mac's or am I looking at this wrong?
  11. Browncoat, Again thanks for the information. I understand what your saying about it replacing word, excel etc. I was hoping EN could allow me to split and merge notes however. The save as is a great tip but I want to let anyone who is following this conversation that to do the save as you must click on the note in the preview pane not just the not itself in the notebook.
  12. Browncoat, Thanks for the reply, let me further explain my situation. I have already scanned these cookbooks, so I have a note in EN that is 300 pages long with multiple recipes. Do I understand that I need to export the note in PDF format then split it up with a PDF editor? I just assumed I could edit the note inside EN. How do I export the note in PDF format from EN? Thanks again for your information.
  13. I sure hope this isn't a really easy question to answer because I have looked a bunch and cant find it. Let me start by explaining the use situation. We are trying to move to a more paperless lifestyle at home, so I am taking my wives many cookbooks and scanning them into Evernote. After scanning a number of these books it seems to be hard for her to find recipes on her ipad from within a 300 page book. The questions are as follows. 1: Is there a way to clip a recipe from an existing note to organizer her more often used recipes? 2: Not all the scanned books seem to be very searchable. Any tricks you might have to make them better for searching? Thanks in advance.
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