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  1. I’ve been a happy, mostly contented Premium Evernote user for years and simply can’t understand why such a great product was broken. There is no excuse for the removal of keyboard shortcuts which your base has grown accustomed to and which demonstratively created a loyalty following. I am in the process of transferring to DEVONThink for business and financial work which needs to be done efficiently.
  2. Web Clipper excruciatingly slow to open, if it opens at all. Much faster to copy and paste. Need a better solution. (Safari 14.0 with Evernote Web Clipper 7.12.7 Catalina 10.15.6)
  3. When I Select Help while holding down the Option Key, there is no choice of Troubleshooting. Is there another approach to Reindex?
  4. I am using Evernote Mac Premium 6.8 and Evernote IOS 7.14 on my iphone and 7.15 on my iPad. They all run impossibly slow. The iPad often stalls at the opening green screen. I deleted Evernote on it and completely redownloaded all my notes with no difference in response. On my Mac there is an extremely long delay when I first open it each day, enough so I go and work on something else while it wakes up fully. When I search, the note will open but with no title or content; left alone, it usually loads. I force quit and send it reports daily. Any suggestions. I am slowly migrating to Google Drive
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