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  1. I am still having issues with crashing during syncing but I am making progress with sync->crash->sync.... Got it up to 1500 before I tried two factor and it messed up the sync so I had to remove/reinstall. And I keep the charms. Back up to 19% - 736 notes going up to 4500 How do you want the logs submitted to with Beta 3? Beta 3 is better than Beta 2 for me.
  2. I found the settings for premium display and sending logs right up until it crashed. I can't send the logs or see any of the other app settings via the settings charm. My settings charm is only displaying: Permissions and Rate/Review. Running on Surface RT Evernote 4759 notes, 69 notebooks and 120 tags Touch 93 notes, 69 notebooks, and 120 tags
  3. I am using Evernote on a Samsung Tablet Android Verision 3.2 and I start an audio recording while taking notes. However, if I change away from Evernote, the audio recording stops. Is this expected based on android? I know you have it working on the iOS version.
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