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  1. Still not working, when i do it like you said it just creates one note from the html file with all it's content, not individual notes. Isn't there a possibility to import it from the web interface for example? Could it be the export format in springpad changed?
  2. Sorry but i can't get it to work, i've downloaded the backup (zipped file) and tried dragging that onto the Evernote app (i'm on a mac) and that didn't work out, it just created a new note with the zip as attached file. When i unzipped the file and dragged the folder onto Evernote the same thing happened, evernote zips the folder and adds it as an attachment to the new note. The export springpad offers is actually a zip with a HTML file and a subfolder with attachments, can you elaborate a little further on how to do this?
  3. I've been using evernote and springpad both for over a few months now and have made my choice, evernote it is. But not i'm confronted with a rather large amount of data in springpad that i'd like to migrate to Evernote. Anyone has an idea how to do this? I'm able to export a backup of my whole springpad account but as far as i can tell there is only an option to import from Google Notes into evernote. any help, tips, advice is greatly appreciated!
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