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  1. Steven, I have also been getting this "notebook is a required value" error. At first I thought it was just annoying, but now I realize that new notes are uploading to the server (I can see them on my Evernote web version) but not downloading to sync with my other machines. Any progress with this?
  2. This is certainly unnecessary. Korvan is making some substantive points about Evernote's commitment to its users which I happen to agree with. I spent a lot of time last week opening and going back and forth on a support case concerning Evernote's broken phrase search capabilty on the Mac client, and while I appreciated the support staff investing their time (and mine) in pursuing the issue, the end result appears to be the same as it was back in August when someone else opened a support ticket on the issue: it is still broken. To paraphrase from the above, accepting a "decision" by Evernote to lose a previously existing capability is not an option; neither is switching between various clients to see which one is not broken and use that. We love Evernote; that is why many of us have poured literally years and thousands of hours into populating and annotating our Notes. To entertain the prospect that the company is not committed to maintaining existing search capabilities across all clients, much less adding search capability, is disconcerting to say the least.
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